[Can I eat Chuanbei during lactation]_ 川贝 _lactation_Can I eat

[Can I eat Chuanbei during lactation]_ 川贝 _lactation_Can I eat

[Can I eat Chuanbei during lactation]_ 川贝 _lactation_Can I eat

Women should be cautious about food choices during lactation, because sometimes the use of some foods will affect the baby’s lactation health, and chuanbei can be eaten during lactation.Very good effect of clearing away heat and moistening lungs and relieving cough.

First, you can eat Chuanbei stewed pear soup during lactation, it has no effect.

Chuanbei has the function of moistening lungs and relieving cough. It is better to drink some honey and make soup. It has no metabolism of protein.

Be sure to avoid cold and spicy foods and drink plenty of water.

Second, the effect of Fritillaria chuanxiong clears heat and nourishes lungs, reduces phlegm and coughs.

For lung heat and dry cough, dry cough with less phlegm, yin deficiency and jaw strain, expectoration with blood.

Treatment of deficient cough, spitting and hemoptysis, stagnation of the heart and chest, lung dysentery, lung dysentery, larynx, lactation.

Dosage 3?
9g; 1 at the end of the grind

The source is a kind of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, Fuchsia Fructus, Fritillaria Gansu and Fritillaria.

Should not be used with aconitum herbs.

Third, the role of Fritillaria chuanyi.

Clearing away heat and phlegm, moistening lungs and relieving cough1.

Cough, wind and cold cough.


Stroke closure, fear, etc.


Jie Yu Sanjie1.

Depression, depression and depression, chest tightness and bloating.




Rupai, spleen kidney swollen poison.


Can’t get milk.