How to choose food and exercise without gaining weight!

How to choose food and exercise without gaining weight!

How to choose food and exercise without gaining weight!

If there is still no way to improve your long and thin body, it is recommended that you ask a professional doctor to help you find out why the meat can’t grow out, and use a healthy way to grow healthy meat!

銆€銆€You can consider milk, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews and other foods. You can add almonds and sesame powder to the milk to drink. Cashew nuts can be eaten as snacks, which will have a good effect.

銆€銆€In the population distribution structure of society, underweight is also a very common ethnic group.

It is only under the current trend of weight loss in society that those who are underweight are the objects that ordinary people envy.

However, in fact, people who are underweight are prone to malnutrition, fatigue, depression, muscle loss and other symptoms.

In severe cases, the immunity will worsen and it will become ill, especially for the elderly with chronic diseases, which will increase the complications and the chance of bad afterwards.


Weight gain does not increase fat. The significance of fattening and weight gain is not the same.

Because “fertilization”, as the name suggests, is to increase the proportion of body tissue, and “weight gain” should include the growth of muscle tissue in addition to a few increases.

I think what you should ask is 鈥渨eight gain鈥?instead of 鈥渇at increase鈥?

銆€銆€The weight of the human body is roughly derived from bones, muscles, tiny, moisture and other internal organs, and the resulting “weight gain” should focus on the muscles, a slight increase in proportion.

So, how do we carry out the physical transformation project?

The answer is still “diet” and “sports”!

銆€銆€[Dietary paper]Diet, high protein, high metabolism diet, is the only way to gain weight.

Concentrated protein and high-metabolism foods, such as heavy cheese cakes, small pastry, small cakes, etc., a small amount of meals, supplemented with papaya enzymes or comprehensive enzymes to help digestion, to increase the digestion and absorption efficiency of food.


Protein selection Choose an excellent source of protein, such as eggs, milk, meat, poultry, etc., which should account for more than half of the daily protein content.

The vegetable protein is separated by the extracted soy protein powder, which is better because there is less plant fiber that blocks absorption.

Is it better to eat meat or drink milk?

For those who are efficient, you can try to drink high-protein milk powder (such as three milk proteins), which is higher than the absorption of normal milk, the protein absorption of meat, and better absorption and absorption.


The selection of sugars is also an important part of the selection of high-starch foods, such as white toast, taro, rice, sweet potatoes, taro, pumpkin and so on.

When injecting, you can lick, soup, or soup, or add some maltodextrin (generally called corn starch starch, which can be directly added to food) in soup or juice, milk, and increase the intake.

銆€銆€? A small selection of oils can be used to absorb better and better medium chain fatty acids (MCT) to increase the absorption of concentrated conversion.

Pure medium chain fatty acids (MCT) are used in combination with general fats because they do not contain “essential fatty acids”.

It is recommended to use medium-chain fatty acid products (eg, more than three high heat) that have been mixed with essential fatty acids to avoid the lack of essential fatty acids.

It is generally recommended that the medium chain finance account for the total amount of oil used, not exceeding 60%.

銆€銆€[Sports articles]The movement of those who want to gain weight is based on “weight training” as the main method, but not the “aerobic exercise” caused by the weight loss.

Because “aerobic exercise” is to promote energy consumption, and “weight training” is to increase muscle ratio.

Through the use of dumbbells, barbells and training equipment, with the complete contraction and relaxation of large muscle groups, muscle construction can be achieved.

銆€銆€So what is a large muscle group?

It is what we call the chest muscles, the abdominal muscles, the back muscles, the leg muscles, the two heads and the triceps (arms).

Through weight training and dietary supplements, you can grow large muscle groups, and you will accumulate some weight.

銆€銆€Currently in the United States, people have been trying to supplement the appropriate weight training for the elderly, with weight gain food supplements to increase muscle ratio, to improve malnutrition, easy fatigue, depression, muscle loss, poor immunity, easy to get sick and other symptoms.

For elderly people with chronic diseases, it will also reduce complications and the chance of bad after cure.