Go to your punk health, don’t let me see you again.

Go to your punk health, don’t let me see you again.



Go to your “punk health”, don’t let me see you again.

Lake Mountain Source | The total 84th period as a normal person in those TV series is too difficult to survive. Only a few characters can live with the protagonist’s halo and smooth water. Ordinary people are always screened and abused for various reasons.Of course, it is a screenplay of the screenplay of the drama “The Yearning for Life: Hushan Chapter” Distribution Company: BGY “I am coming to the morning tea today” in the morning, accompanied by a crisp alarm, Chen Chen lazy and stretched out, smilingOpen the window and feel the sun blowing.

路 The picture comes from the network 路 Chen Chen is a sun boy who lives in Tongzhou Lake.

There are a lot of old friends and new friends who share his interests. They can talk from food to decoration, from business investment to life trivia, and talk about everything that is closely related to life.

路 Image source network 路 7:10, Chen Chen received news from friends and neighbors, “Xiao Chen, eat morning tea, the old place waiting for you.

Chen Chen hurriedly replied, “I am coming to invite you today’s morning tea. The community’s southern gate has opened a new breakfast shop, and try it together.”

“Young people should also exercise more.” The faint white tea fragrance in the elevator makes people feel refreshed. When they meet the grandfather Li who is ready to exercise, they warmly say hello to each other.

“Grandpa Li, good morning, go exercise again!

Grandpa Li saw Chen Chen saying hello and smiled and said: “Yes, Xiao Chen, people just want to move more, you young people have to exercise more!”

“Image source network 路 Meet Li Grandpa at the beginning of the neighborhood sports meeting held at the sales office, he said at the sports meeting: “Jinxiang neighbor, silver relatives; good neighborhood, Saibao.

Neighboring relationships are about peace and harmony. Like a family, life is more fun and happy.

He is actively participating in all the fun club activities organized by Country Garden.

路 Image source network 路 “I haven’t seen it for a few days, and I am handsome” 路 Image source network 路 Chen Chen returned to the sales consultant to talk about Xinhua, happy to say “Go to work?”

I haven’t seen it for a few days, and I am handsome again!

Last time, thanks to the fact that you sent my mom to the station, I must come home to eat tomorrow night!

“” Polite!

“Talking about Xinhua does not care: “How big is the family?

Chen Chen remembered that in the past three years, he was moved by the sincere enthusiasm of Xinhua. From the first reception, he gradually changed from a guest to a friend and a family.

“Ge Shu invites you to eat hot pot”. The security guards at the door of the distance are full of energy, and the people who come and go are warmly greeted.

Chen Chen saw the neighbor’s uncle say “Ge Shu, good morning, buy so many dishes, I will help you!”

“Thank you, today Ge Shu invites you to eat hot pot, always help me.”

.”Image source network 路 Chen Chen thinks that he is the protagonist of life, from sales, property to the neighborhood, from a greeting to a festival, people are aware of family-like care, home-like warmth.

路Photo Source Network路 Country Garden Family Culture has been committed to creating a beautiful home culture Country Garden. For 26 years, it has continued to work for a beautiful human settlement, rebuilding the familiar warm life in people’s hearts, and reviving the neighbourhood in memory.

There are many passers-by in the city, and there are family members in the Country Garden. You are not a visitor, but a returnee.

Choose Country Garden and start a different kind of life.

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