[Can household flour make cakes]_ making methods _ Daquan

[Can household flour make cakes]_ making methods _ Daquan

[Can household flour make cakes]_ making methods _ Daquan

For many female friends and children, this kind of cake is very popular. The food like cake is very soft and sweet, and there is a lot of food for the body, but some people think that some cakesThe cakes in the shop are expensive, so I want to make this kind of dessert at home.

So, can household flour make cakes?

First, can household flour make cakes?

You can use ordinary flour and corn starch to make low-gluten flour, and make a cake with the idea of trying. The result is better than I expected. After that, you do n’t have to worry about not buying low-gluten flour. Ordinary flour.The cake is really delicious. Prepare all the required materials. Separate the egg whites and yolks into a waterless bowl. Beat the egg whites with an egg beater. Add 20 grams of sugar when the fish eyes are soaked.20 grams of sugar, add 20 grams of sugar when beaten into a texture, beat egg whites into a solid state, lift the egg beater into an upright tip, the egg whites are ready to go, put in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

Second, add 30g granulated sugar to the egg yolk, mix well, add milk, corn oil, mix well, mix flour and cornstarch, sieve and put in egg yolk liquid, mix all ingredients, put 1/3 protein into the egg yolk, turn up and down and mix well, Add the evenly stirred egg yolk to 2/3 of the egg white and turn it up and down to stir evenly. Put the evenly stirred cake liquid into the cake mold, shake it a few times on the table, shake out large bubbles, and put it in the preheated oven., 170 degrees, 1 hour.

After coloring halfway, place the baking tray on the upper layer and buckle it on the grill after it is out of the oven.

Can household flour make cakes?

It can be done, no problem at all. When I first learned baking technology, I bought a machine oven at home to play. I did n’t buy low-gluten flour. I used home-made special flour (ordinary flour) to make cakes and recipes.4 eggs (egg and yolk should be completely separated, especially no egg yolk in egg white), protein paste part, 70 g fine sugar, 3 g salt, egg yolk batter part, 80 g low-gluten flour, 40 g soybean oil,40 grams of milk (water) and 10 grams of fine sugar. This is a basic recipe, where * (water + oil): flour: fine sugar = 1: 1