[How to make Xinhui Mandarin Tea?

[How to make Xinhui Mandarin Tea?

】 _How to soak_Soak method

[How to make Xinhui Mandarin Tea?
】 _How to soak_Soak method

Citrus Pu’er Tea is a type of Pu’er tea. It is a tea made mainly from big red citrus and Pu’er tea. This tea tastes more mellow and has a unique floral fragrance.Pu-erh tea is used for health care, and the effect is very good. Puer-mang tea is also pay attention to the process when brewing. If the method of making Pu-erh tea is not correct, it will lead to different flavors.

Xinhui Citrus Puer Tea brewing method 1, normal brewing process (1) Tea volume: First, the brewing of Citrus Puer tea gradually, and the standard of delivery between Chenpi and Puer tea, this is for fresh citrus teaFor the little friends, it is really difficult.

Discomfort with the amount of tea is bad for a good tea.

If the amount of tea is 8 grams, the normal ratio of Chenpi to Pu’er tea is between 1: 7 (g) and 2: 6 (g).

You can also adjust the proportion of tea according to individual taste differences.

(2) Tea set: Zisha pot is recommended first, followed by lids, glass pots or other pots.

In the office, a flowing cup or simple tea set can be used.

(3) Water temperature requirement: boiling water (100 degrees).

(4) Washing tea and tea: Washing tea 1 or 2 times, at 5?
10 seconds out of soup.

(5) From the third course, you can taste the fragrant and mellow mandarin orange tea, which is normal 5?
After 10 seconds, the soup will be prolonged as the number of brews increases.

(6) When citrus tea is brewed to a light flavor (after 7 or 10 courses), you can pour the tea into a teapot, and cook it slowly with cold water and simmer. After cooking, the citrus tea has a taste.
2. Take about 3 grams of citrus tea, and use a glass or clay pot of about 400ML to wash the tea with boiling water, then boil it in cold water and boil it. You can drink it after boiling. Remember not to cook for a long time.

Usually, the ratio of Chenpi to Puer of a mandarin puer tea. After Pu’er tea is brewed, more than half of the puerper is still used. The remaining Chenpi is boiled separately. This method is more suitable for friends who do not have the habit of drinking tea.Unique health effects.

The effect of Xinhui Mandarin Pu’er Tea is relatively large, we can often drink to health, we can carry out spleen and stomach, clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing phlegm and cough, reducing fat and weight, and beauty.

Of course, even if the pueraria puerariae can’t drink too much, it can only be added in moderation.

Can you drink Puer tea in summer?
Many people think that it is best to drink green tea in summer.

In fact, you can drink Pu’er tea in summer. Compared to other teas, only Pu’er is suitable for all seasons.

Pu’er tea can be divided into cooked Pu’er and raw Pu’er. Cooked Pu’er is suitable for people with cold stomachs. Cooked Pu’er tea is mild and warms the stomach and does not hurt the stomach. If you ca n’t stand cold green tea, people with stomach problems canKnowing cooked Pu’er in summer, if you want to lose weight in summer, you can call it cooked Pu’er tea. The weight loss effect of cooked Pu’er tea is better than that of Pu’er raw tea.

Raw Pu’er tea is cold. Raw tea can mainly clear the body. It has lipid-lowering, refreshing, anti-hypertensive and weight-loss effects. It is suitable for young people. However, the active ingredients of raw tea are substituted, so it is easy to lose sleep, cold fever, and gastric ulcer patients, Pregnant women should not be pregnant.

And Puer raw tea has the same effect as green tea. In the summer, combining Pu’er raw tea can also reduce heat and reduce fire.

For people who are easy to get angry, easily constipated, and easy to get acne, they can drink raw tea or mildly fermented Pu’er tea; if you are not used to the bitter taste, drink cooked tea, remember to brew itAdd a little white chrysanthemum or honey and a little lotus leaf.