The atmosphere can become a large

The atmosphere can become a large


The atmosphere can become a large

Colleague’s child graduated from college and was assigned to Beijing.

Colleagues brought me to see me, and I asked the old man who had experienced the sang sang, to say a few words to the child, and to give some psychological advice.

I said that the children are big, and they have to agree that we don’t have to interfere too much.

But to say advice and advice, I would like to send a sentence to the child, this is: the atmosphere can become a large device.

銆€銆€Can the atmosphere be a large device?

This is a good word.

The friend said, but what about the atmosphere?

Can you make it clear?

銆€銆€I said that the word “atmosphere” is understood at first glance, but it is not easy to make it clear.

Careful analysis, the human atmosphere, mainly in three aspects: people, things, and self: one, for people, to be tolerant, do not care.

銆€銆€For example, when a child arrives at a unit and gets along with others, there will always be friction. When someone else has taken advantage of you or offended you, what should you do?

If you eat a little loss, you will hate it, you have to be true, you must recognize the child, and even find it back.

This will be stingy, it must be difficult to get along with others.

No one works with you, how can you become a big device?

銆€銆€Second, for things, be detached, don’t get caught up in it.

銆€銆€In my life, I have encountered more things.

Almost all of the eyes are closed, and when they are opened, they are all things.

No matter how big or small, good or bad, don’t care too much, too much.

Don’t be happy when you see a good thing, and you will be excited and excited. When you have a bad thing, you will frown, and the frost will hit the eggplant.

If you don’t dare to take responsibility, how can you become a big device?

銆€銆€Third, for yourself, be open-minded, don’t be indifferent.

銆€銆€A person, living in a real society, suffers from losses, is wronged, can’t figure out, and often has things.

Colleagues are not inferior to you, and the unfairness of the unit has hurt you. Leaders and talks have not given you face. This is nothing, and it must be open-minded and indifferent.

If you spend the whole day around your little ninety-nine, you can count on your own gains and losses, even if you have the best and the bad, the standard of joy and worry, the mind is so narrow, how can it become a big device?

銆€銆€The atmosphere can be a large device.
This is true for individuals, as well as for companies.

The author once interviewed a company, the scale is not large, the history is not long, but the development momentum is good, and the growth is very rapid.

One of the reasons is that the company is very atmospheric, and although the profit is not high, there are three willingness to do so, that is: willing to invest large sums of money for research and development, willing to pay large sums of money to hire talents, and generate big money to advertise.

The three big houses will eventually become three big ones. The future of such a company is not limited.

銆€銆€If the enterprise is the same, the country is the same.

Since last year, the financial crisis has intensified and the economies of various countries have been included.

At this time, the United States, the world’s number one power, neither dared to take responsibility or ignore others. Instead of taking measures to 鈥減urchase American goods鈥?and 鈥渟trengthen trade protection鈥? it was passively self-protected. People couldn’t help but think of 80 years ago.An economic crisis, and this United States of America, has a “tariff law” that has added to the crisis in the global economy. It has added to the burden of the world.

Such a country, committed to what it is, a small family!

銆€銆€Looking back and looking at China, although it is still developing, although the per capita GDP is still outside the global 100, but the crisis is calm and calm, not panic, not only do a good job of the domestic economy, but also focus on global interaction, the national leaders successivelyVisiting countries, discussing countermeasures, learning from each other’s strengths, and overcoming the difficulties.

A large-scale procurement group, also led by the Minister of Commerce, more than 200 people, went to Europe, sampling orders.

This is a short-sighted ratio of short-sightedness in some countries, how hard-hearted, how much!

銆€銆€The atmosphere can be a large device.
People are like this, and the country is like that.From this point of view, 娉辨潮涓崕, 鐓岀厡绔嬬珛, the future is bright, just around the corner.