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Hot Yoga Super Fat Burning, No. 1 Gym

Hot Yoga Super Fat Burning, No. 1 Gym

No. 1: The biggest effect of hot yoga: super fat burning If you grow a small belly due to sedentary, then hot yoga is the best exercise to lose weight.

Compared to traditional aerobic exercises such as swimming and jogging, hot yoga can bring you muscles you have never used before and achieve unexpected weight loss results.

For example, the “mountain upright posture” with arms raised seems to be simple, but it can lengthen the muscles of the buttocks of the body, accelerate blood circulation on the side of the body, and increase the rate of unfortunate burning by 20%.

  Practicing yoga in a room at 40 ° C can expel toxins from the body through sweating and take away your aunt.

But British sports medicine experts said that the most significant effect of hot yoga is to lose weight by breathing: the diaphragm diminishes during inhalation and massages the internal organs of the abdomen; the diaphragm moves up during exhalation and massages the upper and lower internal organs, which can strengthen the entire internal organ systemFunction, improve the basal metabolic rate, the action of exhaling and inhaling can also exercise abdominal muscles, so that you no longer do “little belly”.

  2nd place: The biggest effect of spinning bike: If you want to lose weight, lose weight. If you have a bucket waist spinning bike, the weight loss effect is jogging 1.

6 times.

Although spinning bikes also have handlebars, saddles, and wheels, they are fixed on the ground as a whole. The fixed chassis allows you to concentrate the gravity when you step on the bike, which generates a strong reverse pressure that makes you unconsciously consume more thanCycling more calories.

  The biggest benefit of spinning bikes is: thin as much as you want!

If you want to have a slender arm, you can bend your arms to 90 degrees, hold the handlebar tight, and tighten your arm muscles to make your muscle fibers slimmer.

If you want to shape your calf, you can imitate the movement of the mountain. The thigh will drive the calf passively. This will consume more calf aunts, but will not grow large muscles.

  3rd place: The biggest effect of belly dance: make your body a certain feminine. If you are a princess of peace, then practice belly dance, belly dance is always associated with sexy, elegant, feminine and other words.

Making up your mind to practice belly dance means that you have to wear sequined tops and low-waist bloomers and dance with melodious music.

How many calories are consumed at this time is secondary, helping you to cultivate “femininity” is true.

Belly dance is the sport that has the most influence on female hormones. If you practice with a high-protein diet and eat more papaya and mango, the effect of lordosis and lordosis will be more obvious.

  No. 4: Aerobic kickboxing has the biggest effect: bodybuilding “forever and once” If you are busy with work and need less time each time, and you want to lose weight, aerobic kickboxing can help you. Although aerobic kickboxing is aerobic exercise, when you practiceThe energy consumed by instantaneous exertion is close to anaerobic exercise.

Studies have found that the biggest benefit of aerobic boxing is that it can make your body move all the time. As long as you exercise once a week and persist for 3 months, the visceral metabolism level will be greatly improved, and the basal metabolic rate can be increased by 9%.
Aerobic boxing is called the “one-size-fits-all” slimming method by American sports experts, because it does not require long-term regular exercises to significantly increase the metabolic rate and let the body lose weight unknowingly.

  But experts also remind that aerobic boxing exercises will help you lose weight, but also strengthen your muscles. If you practice more, you will naturally grow hard muscle mass.

If you don’t want to do this, once a week is enough.

  No. 5: Pilates maximum effect: make you “look thin” If you want to lose weight but do n’t want to go on a diet list, Pilates is not the best way to lose weight, it is more peaceful than yoga, isA static state of motion.

When practicing Pilates, muscles continue to contract-stretch-re-contract, and the speed is very slow. Although calories cannot be consumed, studies have found that it is difficult to change the length of muscles in adulthood, but as long as you continue to practice Pilates for more than 3 months,Muscle extension will increase by 10% and ligaments will increase by 3%.

Pilates can change your behavior and posture in a subtle way, allowing you to become more upright, elegant, as if growing tall and thin.

  The above are all magic tips for losing weight in winter. There must be a suitable exercise for you. Let ‘s move together

TCM Ask is important

TCM “Ask” is important


Sleep, how do you sleep?
Is it dawn?
Do you wake up regularly every day?
If it will wake up, when will it wake up?
Is it dreaming?
and many more.


Appetite, do you feel hungry?
What special food do you want to eat or what kind of food do you like?
Or not hungry and have no appetite at all.

Cold and hot, do you usually feel hot or cold?
Are your hands and feet cold?
Sweat, do you sweat easily?
Will night sweats?
Will I sweat more often?
Still a body that doesn’t sweat?
Poop, are you constipated?
Do you have a bowel movement every day?
What is the color of stool?
Is it profit?
Is it smelly or tasteless?
and many more.

Pee, what color is your pee?
Frequent urination?
Still not young?
Still not urinating?
How many times a day on average?and many more.

Are you thirsty?

If you are thirsty, what temperature do you want to drink?

If you are not thirsty, do you often forget to drink water?

Or how can you drink to quench your thirst?


How is your physical strength and how is your spirit?

Still tired?

When you get up in the morning, are you energetic?

Still unable to get up?

Can I concentrate?


Sexual function, how is your sexual function?

and many more.

Ask a woman’s menstruation, whether you have menstruation or not, explain in detail your menstrual height. Is it delayed or advanced each time?

Does it hurt?

Have you ever had a child?

  As long as the reader explains your physical feelings according to the above consultation, the prescription family can prescribe the prescription based on these main symptoms without seeing you, but when we prescribe, we must know how much you weigh?

How tall is he?

Wait, because different physiques will lead to different dosages.

  Jingfang is in the real treatment, so when the patient recovers when taking Jingfang, there will be some changes in the body, which may be different every day, sometimes it will be beneficial, sometimes dizziness, vomiting, numbness in hands and feet,This is a normal phenomenon. Because we are treating a disease, there will be many reactions that vary from person to person. At this time, you do n’t need to report to the doctor every day. You just ask yourself to see if these reactions have occurred to you.Where is the symptom?

You know what happened to you

I once met an ignorant patient. When she came to see me, she refused to be constipated. She had a large size only once a week. As a result, she called me the next day after taking my medicine. She could not bear the side effects of Chinese medicine.Because the profit is too much.

So I asked her how you feel?

She said that she feels very good and her physical strength has recovered. How do readers think I should answer her?

When you take western medicine, you don’t have this kind of reaction because western medicine is only controlling, not treating the disease at all. Of course, you will feel the difference between the two.

  If the patient holds a Western medicine test report to look at orthodox Chinese medicine, you will definitely be scolded, because this is what Western medicine said, not what we said, if you have any questions, you should ask the person who helped you with this test report.Come and ask Chinese medicine?

This is what chickens and ducks say. You can give the traditional Chinese medicine test instructions to the traditional Chinese medicine, and you can also give your diagnosis to the traditional Chinese medicine. This can help the traditional Chinese medicine to prove how good the traditional Chinese medicine is.It is prescribed in full compliance with your physical symptoms, not in accordance with the test report of Western medicine, so you must show your physical symptoms and explain them in detail, so as to help orthodox Chinese medicine, every time the patient takes outWhen the Western medicine test report was given to me, they didn’t know that it would be totally useless to Chinese medicine.

  I can help Chinese people in the United States use remote diagnosis to treat diseases. As long as you can answer the ten questions above, I can cure you, but for patients in other countries, I ca n’t cure them because there are manyChinese medicine is controlled or imported on your side, so the medicine taste is not complete, so I ca n’t help you. I can mail the medicine to you in the United States. It only takes about three days to reach you.,therefore.

Patients outside the United States do not fax them to me. I have more than enough energy, so I generally do n’t send them back. I ‘m very sorry, please do n’t try and touch the nails.

Look at the stunts of 12 brands of milk powder

Look at the stunts of 12 brands of milk powder

When you hold up a jar of infant formula, you will see the package is packed with all the nutrients it contains.

The major milk formulas have introduced parenting concepts that are compatible with their own products: brain development, joint health, bone development, intellectual development, potential tapping. In short, IQ, EQ, and health quotient are all indispensable.

A jar of infant formula contains too much information to reduce the need for postdoctoral and professional elites to scratch their heads.

  Therefore, we invite infant and toddler nutrition experts to help participants’ confused mothers to keep up-to-date with the latest infant formulas; read the secrets in each jar of infant formula and make clear choices for their own babies.

  Nestle[PK stunt]: Upgrade Opti nutrition formula The combination of active BL probiotics and alternative fibers in “Opti Nutrition Formula” upgrades Nestlé Growing Milk Powder can help children aged 1 to 6 years to establish a healthy environment and promote nutrients in foodDigestion and absorption, so that various nutrients work more effectively!

Maintaining long-term health in the body includes: better food digestion and nutrient absorption, improved immunity and overall physical condition.

A healthy digestive system is a key factor in preventing diarrhea and constipation.

The milk powder contains high-quality DHA and ARA; their active functions are protected by special processing techniques.

And the product provides a healthy initial environment, DHA and ARA will ensure more effective absorption.

In addition, the rich vitamin B group in this earliest milk powder can improve the development of the nervous system and promote the full use of protein and energy.

  Abbott[PK stunt]Calcium supplement for your baby calcium Abbott Corp. recently launched a new formula “Excellent Calcium” to add infant milk powder to attack the golden pig baby market.

The new formula added infant formula “excellent calcium” refers to a small amount of milk powder supplemented with high content of high oleic sunflower oil, and using the best calcium and phosphorus ratio, closer to breast milk.

It does not form insoluble calcium soap with calcium in babies like palmitic acid in other formulas, and finally excretes it, affecting calcium absorption.

A research team at the University of Iowa in the United States also compared the feeding of infants who were implanted with calcium-rich milk and regular milk.

It was found that the former absorbed 53% more calcium than shells.

Another Wayne State University in the United States conducted a two-week observation of the bone mineral density of 128 6-month-old infants.

The results showed that the bone mineral density of the babies fed with calcium-rich milk powder was significantly higher than the above-mentioned babies.

  Wyeth[PK stunt]: What is the typical problem of academic development for Chinese and foreign experts in recruiting new parents?

How to solve the common problems existing in China’s “new parents and new mothers”?

This summer, Wyeth, which has always been adhering to the innovative concept, teamed up with the Pediatrics Branch of the Chinese Medical Association to conduct a theme tour of “Opening the window of academic ability” in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. In particular, American authoritative pediatrician and academic expert MeiEr?

Professor Levin came to China to discuss new trends in the field of infant and toddler academic development from two aspects of nutrition and training, together with leading domestic experts such as Professor Jin Xingming, a well-known child health expert, and Professor Wang Zhizhen, a senior expert in maternal and child nutrition.Pointing for amazing new parents and moms.

  Mead Johnson[PK Stunt]: A + Respect Club Mead Johnson launched the A + Respect Club to open up the children’s maximum potential in a scientific way, creating an extraordinary enlightenment activity for the baby.

One of the activities is the launch of the “Cambridge Little Doctor’s Paradise” in cooperation with Cambridge. This activity is a two-pronged approach to interactive education. It provides children’s classes and early education classes for mothers, allowing mothers and babies to participate together. It introduces the latest global early education concepts and combines the most popular teaching materials.Help your baby reach his potential.

  A + Respect will organize a series of activities, such as setting up an online library for mothers to supplement their knowledge; a well-known publications exhibition area, launching a series of magazines on baby education; online point bidding gifts; an expert advisory area, please help expertsTroubleshoot.

“Cambridge Little Doctor’s Paradise Class” to introduce European linguist and child educator Claire?

An early childhood education textbook by Ms. Selby. Ms. Clare is a contracted author of Cambridge University Press.

The course of “Cambridge Little Doctor’s Paradise Class” uses children’s English teaching materials to develop children’s multiple intelligences. Through different activities and games, children’s body movement, visual space, and mathematical logic are developed and developed.

  Dumex[PK stunt]: Avoid babies getting angry and babies who are replaced by breast milk. Usually babies who consume formula milk are more likely to get angry. One of the main manifestations is constipation, which makes both the baby and the mother more distressed.

Especially when the baby is relatively young, it makes young mothers feel at a loss.

In order to make Dumex Jinlingzhi formula-fed infants closer to breast-fed infants, the research and development team added prebiotic polyfructose to the formula based on the nutritional content of breast milk.The effect is similar to the low degeneration in breast milk, which helps the baby to establish a healthy internal environment, improve the stool characteristics, not to get angry, not to heat, and reduce the occurrence of constipation.

Medically verified that Dumex Jinlingzhi series formula can effectively reduce the occurrence of constipation in babies.

  Ausnutria[PK Stunt]: a new formula of nutritional immunity with lactoferrin (LF), which is an important immune antibody factor in breast milk. LF can promote the bactericidal effect and phagocytosis of neutrophils or macrophages and is used to regulate the human body.The absorption of iron and inhibition of the growth of bacteria in the body make the baby’s immune function further.

Early immunoglobulin (IgG), which is an important antibody substance that plays an immune role in breast milk, is an antibody molecule itself and plays an important role in anti-infection of newborns.

Glutathione-containing precursor substance cystine, glutathione’s important physiological function is that it can combine with certain drugs, toxins, etc., participate in biological immune regulation, and convert harmful toxins into harmless substances in the body.Excreted from the body, thereby improving the baby’s immune system.

The five nucleotides contained are important for maintaining normal digestive tract function and immune regulation in infants and young children.

  Morinaga[PK stunt]: Prevention and treatment of milk allergy formula foods Morinaga Milk Industry’s infant formula has a history of nearly 100 years and is committed to the development of prevention and treatment of milk allergy formula milk.

For example, the proteins used in Morinaga peptide hypoallergenic infant formula are precipitated with cow’s milk protein through enzyme treatment in advance, so that the specific reactivity (easiness to cause sensitivity) is significantly reduced, while other nutrients are the same as general infant formula.

This formula has been on the market for ten years in Japan. It has been clinically proven that the incidence of allergies in newborns fed with hypoallergenic formula is significantly reduced.In Shanghai, Morinaga Co., Ltd. cooperated with a famous hospital after 3 years of clinical trials and proved that the milk powder is also suitable for Chinese children.
  Anman[PK stunt]: “Nutrition + Inspire” concept Recently, the Anman brand has launched the “My Baby Plan” in China.
Anman set up a global mental nutrition development center, which not only provides the highest quality products to consumers, but also brings Chinese mothers with a complete mental development system concept from pregnancy to child growth.The concept of “nutrition + stimulation”, and the “My Baby Plan” launched on this basis, through the Internet, stores, communities and other channels, continuously provide mothers with relevant nutrition and education information and activities during pregnancy and baby growth, and accompany the motherThey started their new parenting journey.
  伊利   【PK绝技】:中国婴幼儿营养专家   伊利设立了育婴营养热线,为消费者提供生养教一体化育婴方案;拥有中国唯一的乳业研究院;建设了目前亚洲生产能力最大、技术最先进的Milk powder base.
In 2006, the “A + B” system of nourishment nutrition was introduced. A is DHA and ARA, which are important components to promote the baby’s brain development. B is an active bifidus probiotic, which can improve the baby’s immunity and digestion.
The milk powder upgrade in 2007, based on the original nourishing nutrients DHA and ARA, added an appropriate amount of choline to help the baby’s brain and vision develop better, improve memory, and make the A system’s nourishing nutrition combination reach a new level; the upgraded BSystem, the first to introduce the perfect combination of probiotics + prebiotics.
Newly added compound prebiotics can effectively maintain the activity of bifidus probiotics, promote intestinal health, ensure the effective absorption of intellectual nutrition, and add new impetus to your baby’s intellectual development.
  Shengyuan PK[PK stunt]: Help your baby be smarter The content of DHA & ARA in Shengyuan Gold Ucong Milk Powder is the highest among similar products and meets the WHO recommended ratio.
Youcong series infant formula milk powder is characterized by puzzle formula-it is good for baby’s brain development; it is rich in a variety of puzzle elements represented by algae oil DHA & ARA; it provides sufficient nutritional support during the period of the baby’s brain development surge; alsoRich in choline, linoleic acid, α-linolenic acid, taurine, etc.
  Sanlu[PK stunt]: launch new U + products The name of the “U +” of Sanlu U + series infant formula milk powder means to give extra points to make babies who drink U + milk powder smarter, healthier and better.
In terms of quality, the content of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, commonly known as brain gold, which has a good effect on the nerve and brain development of infants) and ARA (arachidonic acid, which is beneficial to the development of the retina) in U + new products is currently on the market.Consistent high-end milk powder brands.
In addition, the addition of new prebiotics to the product can effectively enhance the baby’s digestion and benefit the baby’s absorption of nutrients; and the low trans acid vegetable oil added to the product can provide a good nutrition environment for the development of the baby.
  Beinmei[PK stunt]: The theory of reproductive education “Be smart, be healthy, teach science, and have fun”, this is the theory of reproductive education proposed by Beinmei.
Beinmei experts pointed out: The key period of brain development is the infant stage of 0 to 3 years old.
At this stage, the development of the human brain forms the basis for the development of abilities in all aspects such as intelligence, emotions, sports, and social interaction.
At birth, the brain weight of a child is 25% of an adult; 50% of an adult at 1 year old; and the brain weight of 3 years old is equivalent to 80% of an adult.
Before 4 years old, the baby can reach 50% of the intelligence measured at the age of 17, and children with early education have an average IQ of about 17% higher than that of children without the education.
So pay attention to the healthy growth of your baby’s brain from infancy.

Aphrodisiac food should not be eaten indiscriminately

Aphrodisiac food should not be eaten indiscriminately

Superstitious aphrodisiac food to improve sexual performance is not desirable. Men who are weak and physically weak are often considered to be inadequate yang, so some men eat dog meat and other things that people think can be aphrodisiac to expose their weakness.

Meng Yi reminded that a man’s physical deficiencies do not necessarily require aphrodisiac, and most of those with insufficient yang can just make up for it.

  Tonicity is not equal to impotence. There are two main differences: First, tonicity is a tonic and impotence is a cure. Second, the symptoms of mutual adaptation are different, chills and cold, cold hands and feet, lethargy, cold and pain in limbs and joints.Deficiency and other cold diseases should be supplemented by yang, and impotence caused by depletion of essence and qi, slippery ejaculation, urinary transfer, waist and knee soreness, etc. should be impotence.

In popular terms, Buyang is mainly for regulating physical fitness, while impotence is more focused on regulating sexual function.

  Yin deficiency is not suitable to eat dog meat. In many people’s eyes, dog meat is a good product of aphrodisiac, but dog meat aphrodisiac has no theoretical basis in medicine, and clinical experiments have shown that dog meat has a tonic effect, and edible dog meat can reset yang.Deficiency, but does not directly enhance reproductive capabilities.

  Dog meat is warm, so people who often get angry should try to eat less, because getting angry is a manifestation of yang and yin deficiency.

In addition, dog meat has the characteristic of “helping evil spirits”, which is easy to aggravate colds, fevers and other fevers. Therefore, it is not suitable for people with colds to eat dog meat.

  Aphrodisiac medicine ≠ improving sexual function Deer whip is a typical aphrodisiac food in traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, Chinese medicine research has found that deer whip does have the effects of nourishing kidney and strengthening yang, nourishing essence and promoting blood circulation.Pregnancy etc. can help.

However, due to deer whip warmth, it is more suitable for those with yang deficiency, but those with yin deficiency who have night sweats, fever in hands and feet, and frequent dry mouth should take it with caution.

Chinese medicine pays attention to compatibility, and the efficacy of many medicines can only be exerted by combining with other medicines, so when you eat deer whip, you can consult a professional doctor and use it with other medicines for better results.

  Warm reminder from urologists of Shanghai Hongqiao Hospital: People with sexual dysfunction, please do n’t take tonic or aphrodisiac, but go to the hospital for examination and treatment, because sexual dysfunction can be divided into physical disorder and organic disorderPsychological disorders, and the consumption of aphrodisiac drugs have no effect on the latter two types of sexual dysfunction.

New Mom’s Dream

New Mom’s Dream

More than 3 months ago, I gave birth to a lovely daughter. I felt that my mood was adjusted well after giving birth, but the dream the night before made me afraid.

In the dream, I saw my mother and the daughter had a peanut-sized hole on each head. I was panicked, but the mother and my daughter were in a good mood and did not seem to feel pain. I was anxious to treat them and heard the doctor say: “Just wipe some amoxicillin in the hole.

“So I tried to wipe . Dream interpreter: Chen Kan (Oriental Psychoanalysis Research Center) New mother dreams that her child is sick, and injuries are very common. This is a typical dream for a mother.

The dream thought that it contained some kind of anxiety emotions-this hinted at the mother’s upbringing anxiety.

  As a new mother, it is good to be able to actively regulate your emotions, not overnight. Only after accumulating experience and gaining the mother’s sense of competence, the underlying concerns will gradually disappear.

The short narrative, which contains two descriptions of emotions, is itself a manifestation of worry.

In fact, this is also a kind of positive emotion. Psychological research proves that people are most efficient in doing things under a certain degree of worry.

A mother may have this kind of upbringing worry throughout her life, and it is this kind of worry that makes her a competent mother.

This dream is likely to help the dreamer learn and accept this worry, telling her: one of the required courses for a mother is to learn how to deal with the feeling of powerlessness and reversal in nurturing children.

In addition, this dream also trains the dreamer to be a mother. The use of antibiotics shows that she is experiencing external attacks, and began to practice how to use one of the instincts of motherhood-resistance to protect children.

  It is worth noting that the dreamer dreamed of a hole in his mother’s head.

Each woman’s own maternal development originates from the observation and imitation of her mother, and it is the mother who passes the motherhood to her daughter.

At the moment of real motherhood, we will review our relationship with our mother, learn to be a mother through memories, and develop our own motherhood.

There is also a hole in the head of the mother in the dream, which seems to tell the dreamer: Every mother is imperfect, and you don’t have to be too strict about your emotional perfection, so you don’t have to worry about it so much.

The treatment of the daughter in the dream by the mother may have two meanings: correction of the mother’s health; and reviewing whether the breastfeeding mode of the mother makes the dreamer feel inadequate.

Curved Yoga Charm in Bed Yoga

Curved Yoga Charm in Bed Yoga

It’s the most natural thing to get up and stretch in the morning.

Today, a brand new project, Bedside Yoga, completely uses this kind of activity to set the tone for you throughout the day and create a calm and contentment that lasts all day.

Yoga can help you find the center of your body. If you keep doing it every day, you will have endless energy to deal with anything you face.

Here are the four steps for bedside yoga: Wake up your muscles and take a deep breath for two to three minutes.

Inhale and contract the abdomen.

Exhale and realize that your nose is being brought to the spine.

  Fracture of the body: During the preparation for exercise, it can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles.

  Benefit to the spirit: Gain a calm and peaceful mental state.

  Increase alertness Lie on your back with your legs together and extend to both sides.

Bend your right leg and rest on your left leg.

Turn your head and look at your right arm.

Hold the state for 10 seconds per second.

Do it in another direction.

  Fractures on the body: tibia, chest and neck.

Stimulate digestion.

  Benefits to the spirit: active nervous system, increased alertness.

  Increase confidence lie flat on the bed, feet close together, toes forward.

Smaller diameter, over head, keep separate, shoulder width.

The elbow is straight along the fracture of the fingertips; the legs are sunken along the toes.

Hold for 10 seconds per second and breathe normally.

  Arthritis to the body: stimulate circulation and breathing; improve posture.

  Spiritual benefits: Increase self-confidence and build a sense of inner strength.

  Lie on your back with your hands on your back, palms facing each other.

Reach over your head, keeping your palms facing each other.

Bend your right leg, with one foot against your left leg.

Don’t contract or compress your legs; put them wherever you are comfortable.

Do this for 10 seconds.

  Fractures on the body: fractures and qualitative fractures, fractures and back.

  For Mental Arthritis: Establish a calm, positive appearance; increase attention.

Recognize the secret of obesity weight loss

Recognize the secret of obesity weight loss

Want to lose weight?

You can know something before you can help you control your weight!

Improper weight loss programs can easily lead to regaining weight, the horrible fat, not the recovery of weight, or even the increase in physical fitness.

The body poses most of the body’s tissues. When the dispersion of food is insufficient, the body will provide the heat source needed for life. It also depends on it to maintain body temperature and protect internal organs.

  At the same time, the weight loss is accompanied by high blood pressure and muscle, but all the increase after the weight gain is sputum, which is not judged by weight or appearance.

As a result of over-restricting diet, the body is seriously lacking the speed needed to maintain basic life. Once food enters the body, in order to cope with the next crisis, the body transforms these nutrients into temporary preparations. As a result, they eat less than before, but they all have nutrition.Turned to aunt, become a body that is easy to be fat.

  Lose weight stop, see, listen to the success of weight loss, we must continue to make assessments, re-fat is also the key to evaluation.

With the correct weight loss method, the weight and body weight rate are not easy to rise again.

Weight loss does not increase the excess weight, you can also change bad habits. Before you lose weight, you can pay attention to the following points of attention, enough to understand the following things, weight loss can get twice the result.


Know before you lose weight. Before you start any weight loss course, think about the direction of action.

No matter how great the way to lose weight, you can’t continuously surpass the existing lifestyle.

Living alone, eating out, drinking, commuting in a commuter, being lazy in life or being easily influenced by people around you must start by changing your lifestyle and personality.

It’s a good way to write down the black and white words and know why you are easily obese.


Don’t be too hasty, adjust gradually and gradually to understand the problem, but there is no clear goal to redirect, and it will cause pressure after frustration. This is one reason for regaining fat.


Re-fat is the result of the interaction between the body and the psychology. Re-fat is caused by both psychology and the body. When the body is uncomfortable, it will feel that it does not want to control the weight again, and the diet cannot be continued.

Can not spend this period well, the weight will increase, and then self-destruction to restore the original abnormal life.

Therefore, it should be followed: setting goals → planning for the goal → practice → self-assessment → correcting the target → re-planning, in order to avoid weight loss failure due to re-fat.

  How to safely pass the peak of the desire to start controlling the calorie intake, it is easy to have a sense of love for food.

The 5-minute exercise allows people to unknowingly pass the peak of their desires.

When you exercise for 5 minutes, you can do the following exercises: shower, reading, writing, cleaning, brushing your teeth, talking to friends, walking outdoors, listening to music or playing musical instruments.

  The relationship between adults and muscles Before weight loss, people with good proportions of muscles and adults begin to lose weight and plan for both muscles and adults.

Only exercise can increase muscles. Once you stop dieting and restore your original diet, the only increase is amateur.

Repeated weight loss and re-fat process, resulting in increased sputum and body rate.

Children’s personality changes with the season-

Children’s personality changes with the season?

Ms. Wang, who lives in Shuixin, has been having a headache with her daughter for the past two days. The obedient daughter did not know what was going on recently. She was always noisy and did not want to go to school. She said that the teacher was not good for her and the children bullied her.At home, I often have a small temper, and when I’m fine, I stay in the room alone, and I sit there for a long time.

  Dai Wanglei, director of the Department of Psychology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenyi Medical College, said that Ms. Wang’s daughter suffers from children’s interventional emotional disorders, which occur more frequently in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Generally speaking, children are not affected.What damage.

  From spring to autumn, it is common to change seasons, but in the process of transformation, in order to adapt to changes in the environment, the human body must adjust its own body functions.

Because of individual differences and other reasons, some children may not be able to adapt for a while, and severe selective emotional disorders may occur.

  He analyzed that children with distorted affective disorders and seasonal changes are just one of the causes.

Some children may be tired of school before, but they have not always performed well before; or ghost stories that they have heard before, etc. Now they suddenly think of it and feel particularly horrified. They cannot sleep without their parents.

  Some children are emotionally depressed, pessimistic and disappointed in things, listless and unwilling to interact with others; they like to sleep, and it is difficult to wake up in the morning; they are easily emotional, and often quarrel with others; they are not attentive when studying and are too lazyUse your brain to reduce your academic performance; often feel headache, stomachache and other physical discomfort.

  Children who may suffer from sexual affective disorder also have some defects in their own personalities. Their personality is more melancholic or their guts are usually smaller than other children. Their parents may also have some problems in their usual education methods.

  For example, some children may just because their homework is not well done, usually the parents say a thing and it is over, but if they catch up with the season and change their emotions for a while and cannot adapt, they may be particularly fierce and cause children to suffer depression.

  Parents don’t need to panic when children suffer from excessive emotional disorders.

This situation will last 4?
In 6 weeks, if it is not serious, it will be cured slowly without treatment.

Only children who perform better individually or who last more than three months need to go to the hospital for treatment.

  But not going to the hospital does not necessarily mean that you can ignore it. At this time, parents should encourage and support their children, cultivate their self-confidence, accompany them in the sun, comb their emotions and positively affirm, so as to get out of the shadow of alternative emotional disorders as soon as possible.

Outdoor aerobic exercise is most protective

Outdoor aerobic exercise is most protective

We all know that heart cells can maintain their optimal state only if they are rich in oxygen.

Aerobic exercise not only requires oxygen, but also accelerates blood circulation to bring more oxygen to the body, which is a true heart protection exercise.

Recommend 4 kinds of aerobic exercises suitable for the most heart.

  Brisk walking: Walking is the most suitable aerobic exercise, and it has the best effect on improving cardiopulmonary function and increasing oxygen uptake.

It can also improve coronary atherosclerosis, while lowering blood pressure, regulating blood lipids and reducing blood sugar.

Recommended exercise frequency: walk about 4 a day.

5 kilometers, 30 minutes or more, about 5 times a week.

If you are busy with your work and can’t spare the whole time, you can take 10 minutes each in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

You can also use a walking stick with both hands to make the movement more coordinated and stable.

  Swimming: Swimming has a magical training effect on the nerves, breathing, digestion, muscles and blood circulation of the human body.

Dr. Carl Dennison, a 67-year-old American family doctor, travels five times a week.

He said: “As soon as the water disappears, all the pressure disappears.

Swimming makes me more flexible, the pain disappears, and my heart is younger. ”

  Dancing: Dancing is a whole-body exercise that relaxes the body and mind, delights the mood, relieves stress, promotes blood circulation, increases oxygen uptake, and benefits heart health.

Experts suggest that you can find a dance partner to participate in a dance class of corresponding intensity according to your physical condition.

If there is no dance class nearby, you can dance for 30-45 minutes with your favorite music at home.

  Cycling: Studies have found that cycling habits can increase cardiovascular function by 3% to 7%.

Heart rate changes also depend on the speed of the pedaling movements and the fluctuations of the terrain.

Five important areas on the human body that require health

Five important areas on the human body that require health

Everyone often stimulates the five major health areas of the human body, which can effectively prevent diseases, strengthen the body, and prolong life.

Let ‘s talk about these five health districts one by one!

  First, the arm socket health area: the arm socket is the place with the most blood vessels, lymph, and nerves.

The mystery of its fitness lies in that the human body laughs after being stimulated; when it is laughing, all organs can get exercise, promote blood circulation, and replace the organs to fully obtain the exchange of nutrients and oxygen, so as to benefit the brain, heart, lungs and lungs.shallow.

So experts call it “axillary exercise.”

  Second, the navel health area: The navel is often hailed as a “fortress” by health experts.

The navel is acupoint for the gods. Traditional Chinese medicine sticks to the navel to treat angina and indigestion.

Frequent massage of the navel has the effect of preventing and treating strokes, can cure illness, keep fit, and prolong life.

  Third, the sole health area: There are more than 70 acupuncture points on the soles of human feet, and 6 meridians start and stop on the feet.

Scientists also believe that there are tens of thousands of peripheral nerves on the soles of human feet, which are closely connected with the brain and heart, and with various organs of the human body. Therefore, stepping on the “second heart” of the foot shows the importance of foot health.

Toes and toenails are often bent, often walked, stepped on pebbles, warm water to soak the feet, etc., all promote the blood flow of the feet, push the puncture blood to the heart and the body, adjust the balance of yin and yang, prevent disease, fitness and longevity.

  Fourth, prothorax health area: Scientists have discovered that the thymus of the prothorax is one of the most important immune organs that dominate the entire immune system of the human body. The immunoactive peptides secreted by the thymus can monitor the mutated cells in the body and show no mercyEliminate it, it has a strong anti-cancer effect; meanwhile, it has anti-infection function and disease resistance; it also has a certain effect on delaying aging.

  As long as you insist on rubbing your front chest up and down with your palms (up to down and down to the heart socket) 100 to 200 times a day, the thymus will be activated, prevent disease and keep fit, and prolong disease.

  V. Spine health area: The spine is an area of great concern to health scientists. It is the place where the meridians in the two largest meridians of the human body travel.

The meridians at the two ends of the spine are closely related to the five internal organs.

Frequent massage of the spine can stimulate the dredging of the meridians, qi and blood movement, smooth blood vessels, nourish body organs and exercise.