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Because I’m lonely, I go online

Because I’m lonely, I go online

I was lonely when I had nothing to do, so I made friends in online chat rooms. At first I was in the mood of collecting and playing, but later I met a man smaller than me.

He was very attentive, had a career, and looked better than my husband, so I began to associate with him.

I don’t want to see him often, maybe a bit guilty!

Who knows, I have been together for a long time, and I found that he was not as good as he thought, and he was very temperamental and selfish.

He even fooled around with other girls online. His reason was that he was distressed, and that I was older than him was an excuse that he couldn’t be exclusive to me.

He only treats me as a sexual object, so every time we meet, there is no other communication except for sex.

I’m still stupid, thinking that such contacts can be maintained and accepted.

However, last year I found out that I had contracted a sexually transmitted infection. The source should be him!

So I decided to break up with him.

  I feel sad every time I see him online, and I feel empty when I see him offline.

I don’t know how many women he has.

Later, a friend of mine told me how many young girlfriends he had.

I didn’t know why I was still worried about him, so I asked him to meet for verification. He said that I went to bed with him and he told me that I really went to bed with him.

He admitted afterwards that my heart was broken.

  He told me that there were many young beauties around me, and I heard that I was jealous.

He also dated me and I refused.

I often miss him, and sleep poorly at night.

It hurts to think of him making me ill but to bathe in the spring evening.

Why does he need so many women and why can’t he be single?

  There is only one thing that Mrs. Chen can do to improve the emotional management IQ: recovering to cure his illness, and not seeing him again.

  She is still a very naive woman, knowing that the other party cannot bring herself any comfort, cannot repeat her husband’s blank feelings for herself, but she can’t plunge into this emotional trap, living in dreams from start to finish is unconscious,Sending your body indiscriminately, but unable to enjoy it, what kind of game is this?

  What she sees is dream, but she cannot see reality.

He is a player, but he has not deceived her, so strictly speaking he is not responsible for her injuries.

Because she couldn’t afford to play, and played a bad role, then she had to suffer the consequences.

Don’t bother about why he can’t be single-minded. This is something she can’t understand, and has no ability to understand in the existing narrow mind.

Her responsibility is not to understand him, or to grow up gradually through his appearance, not to be childish anymore.

What is the matter of introspecting the relationship between yourself and her husband? Is there any room for improvement? Is he not aware of himself or himself?

That he has completed the task of his existence, then say goodbye to him and improve his emotional management IQ!

Man longs for a woman to know the sex secret

Man longs for a woman to know the sex secret

People generally have a common understanding of couples’ sexual life: men’s interest is “quantity”, that is, more than once; women’s interest is “quality”, that is, how each time they are.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. For various reasons, many wives do not fully understand the sexual psychology and requirements of men, and men also have some sexual secrets that are not willing to export but hope that their wives know and understand.

  First, men’s sexual requirements are no better than women.

  Many women who are wives always think that their husbands are not satisfied with their sexual life. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

In real life, men are most afraid of the fact that their wives say that their sexual abilities are not good, so sometimes men alternately ask their wives for sexual demands, not really need them, but worry about not having sex, and the wife will say that she can’t, even herself.When you are unable to do your best, you have to hold your face for the sake of your face.

  Second, men only need sex forever.

  Many wives think that men’s sex is to make love.

In fact, this is enough. They need more emotional exchanges.

“Sometimes, what men want is to embrace, kiss or talk about their own words.” That’s it.

Their sexual demands are not as single as their wives think.

  Third, men can also get sexual pleasure in love.

  Married men all want to get love, happiness, and relaxed feelings from their wives. I also hope that Qingqing and I will be romantic. “Men are the same as women. The more they are sentimental, the more sexual pleasure can be satisfied.”

Many men who have been married for many years are most afraid that their wives do not understand their need for romance. They say that they are not like a manly man, so they put on a masculine look.

  Fourth, men also need caress before sex.

  Some wives are dissatisfied with the performance of their husbands during their sexual life. They feel that their husbands are not “doing their best” and some even think that their husbands are coping with themselves.

In fact, this is not the case. It is not that the husband does not need sex, nor because the wife lacks charm, but because of the prelude to love, the fire of men’s sexual desire has not really ignited.

  Fifth, men do not always ask for sex.

  A man’s sexual desire does not have to be satisfied by making love.

In the intimate contact between the husband and wife, the wife and the bird are fascinating and charming, and the sweet and sweet words of the sweet voice always make the husband excited and produce an intimate and comfortable sexual experience.

Changxia Health Star – Shouwu Ejiao Package

Changxia Health Star – Shouwu Ejiao Package

In the lunar calendar in June, the ancient name is Changxia. At this time, the natural climate has a distinctive feature, that is, the rain is more and the humidity is more prosperous. Therefore, like spring breeze, summer heat, autumn dryness and winter cold, wet becomes the main air of Changxia.
Excessive moisture can be used as a disease-causing evil, and people are wet and invade, and there are internal and external points.
The external wetness is caused by rain, wading or long-term wetland, and the water is wet and up; the internal wetness is caused by a large amount of eating cold fruits such as cold fruits and cold drinks.
Wet evil is the result of internal and external interactions, and the spleen and stomach have the greatest impact on human organs.
At this time, often the first heavy weight such as wrap or dizziness, weight and pain, limbs burnout, chest depression, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, stool diarrhea and so on and other spleen and stomach damage.
Wet evil often combines with summer evil, so that the heat is curbed and the heat is intertwined. This is the main reason why people always feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
Anti-wet first to protect the spleen.
Only when the human spleen and stomach are invigorated, the spleen and stomach are healthy, can effectively resist the invasion of wet evil.
At this time, people should pay attention to the rain, wading, dry the body in time, warm clothes, do not soak in the pool or bathhouse for a long time, bathing, labor, rest should try to avoid the place where the water is too wet, not long-term residenceWetlands, work and living environment and their facilities should be well ventilated.
In order to prevent internal moisture, it is not advisable to eat a lot of cold and greasy food, especially overeating. The long summer diet is based on light and digestible. You can also eat Shouwu Ejiao package paste (Heshouwu black sesame paste 1 box + red jujube gelatin eight)Treasure 1 box).
Diet therapy, anti-wet and spleen, anti-aging years.
Jujube Ejiao Bazhen paste Ningxin Anshen Yangxin, according to the principle of the five elements of the phase, the fire soil, spleen and moisture, spleen and heart fire, natural spleen and stomach yang, and the transport function is strengthened.
Heshouwu black sesame paste nourishing yin and nourishing kidney and nourishing kidney, strengthen the function of spleen and stomach, and the source of biochemistry is full.
The acquired gas is used to replenish the innate kidney and kidney essence to achieve the anti-aging effect.

Lemon-Too much to surprise you

Lemon-Too much to surprise you

Fruits like lemon often hide many unexpected effects!

Today, we are convinced of these effects of lemon!

  Health 1, lemon can be used to treat respiratory diseases and recover surgical symptoms of hospitalized patients.

  2, lemon has hemostatic effect, people who have bleeding gums, can use lemonade, lemon juice to gargle!

  3. I drank too much yesterday, and I have a headache. Try to soak lemon in water, it will have unexpected results!

  4, lemon juice supplement potassium, can effectively reduce blood pressure, long dizziness, nausea and other high blood pressure symptoms.

  5, lemon has a bactericidal effect, if the throat is inflamed, there is inflammation, you can use lemon water to gargle, can kill the effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory, even more effective than antibiotics!

  6, lemon can save people from stress and negative emotions.

Many travellers and explorers regard lemon as a fetish because lemon can reinvigorate them when they are very tired.

  Cooking 7, lemon juice can prevent the leaves from turning brown due to the high oil temperature.

  8. Lemon can be used to wipe the cutting board, which can eliminate the taste of the cutting board and remove the dirty things on the cutting board.

  9, when washing vegetables and fruits can add a teaspoon of lemon juice, effectively remove pesticides, pesticides and other toxins.

  10. Lemon juice has an antioxidant effect. Vegetables and fruits that are easily oxidized can be protected with it.

Like Apple!

  11. Lettuce is cyanose, soft and not chewy?

You can soak the lettuce in cold water mixed with half a lemon juice, then take it out and put it back in the refrigerator. After the water on the surface of the lettuce has dried, the lettuce will magically become crisp again!

Care for fragile skin


Care for fragile skin

Eyes are windows of people’s insight into the world. They have been facing the computer all the time, and they often feel very tired. After working late nights, eye problems begin to appear frequently.Therefore, you should give special care to your eyes.

  Eye Care Method Eye Care Method 1: Eliminate lack of sleep If you often work until two or three o’clock in the middle of the night and rush to work at 8 o’clock in the morning, then lack of sleep will knock you down.

  Trick: To defeat these nemesis, we must seize every opportunity.

On the shuttle bus, take a nap whenever you have time when you are waiting for a haircut during your lunch break.

In this way, fresh and healthy eyes can always be maintained, which is enough for bags under the eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.

Also try to avoid caffeine, as it can interfere with your sleep patterns.

  Eye Care Method 2: Refuse to use outdated cosmetics When you open a new mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow powder, the bacteria begin to invade.

After you have used these cosmetics and put them back in the container, more bacteria will be collected.

Repeatedly, the bacteria will gather more and more, once they enter your eyes, they can cause serious consequences of eye infection complications.

  Tips: Cosmetics should be changed at most every 6 months, while mascara should be changed every 3 months.

  Eye Care Method 3: Refuse Alcohol Alcohol is the number one enemy of beautiful eyes.

Why do people who drink alcohol look flushed and their temperature rises?

That’s because alcohol promotes blood circulation and swells capillaries.

The skin around the eyes is young and the blood vessels are very small. If you drink too much, the blood vessels can easily break and form spots.

  Tricks: The farther you can go, the better.

If you can’t avoid it, you have to drink alcohol as a last resort. You must drink more water to replace its adverse effect on the skin.

  Eye Care Method 4: Moisturize and dry your eyes and make them look unsightly. It always seems that you are especially easy.

  Trick: The best way to eliminate this nemesis is to constantly hydrate the eyes.

Almost every beautician and eye care professional recommends the use of replacement fluids, which are suitable for you, whether you are wearing contact lenses or not.

  Eye Care Method 5: Don’t Go On A Diet By mistake, dieting is also one of the enemies that threatens your eyes.

Research indicates that vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene, and zinc supplemented in fresh vegetables and fruits can prevent the generation of wrinkles in certain eye diseases.

  Tricks: If you are dieting, reducing adults and starch intake is correct, but at the same time be sure to increase your vegetable and fruit intake.

  Eye Care Method 6: Say goodbye to tobacco and sip it. It is definitely an enemy that cannot be ignored.

Recent scientific research has made it more clear that it can cause wrinkles around the eyes.

You can relax your vigilance even if you do not smoke.

“Second-hand smoke” can also ruin your body and appearance.

  Trick: Ask yourself, are you really happy when you meet with your “smoker” friends?

If you can really do not mind the wrinkles gradually climbing to the corner of your eyes, if you are not so relieved, then still keep a certain distance from them!

Popular homeless equipment exercises abroad

Popular homeless equipment exercises abroad

At present, a set of home fitness methods is widely popular in the United States. Because this set of fitness exercises does not require equipment, is easy to replace and effective, it has been praised by many sports experts.

As long as you have free time, you can exercise on site!

  Retract the seated legs and hold the chest tightly, legs bent, heels 30-50 cm away from the pedals, feet flat, hook toes on the bottom edge of the furniture, and the upper body lay back;Touch the furniture hooked on toes.

Try to repeat without interruption for 1 minute.

This action can strengthen the abdominal muscles, avoid pain in the lower end of the spine and maintain a good posture.

  Sit flat and stretch out your shoes and socks. Sit on the floor with your legs stretched forward and folded. The heels are 13 cm apart. Your feet are against the wall, your hands are stretched forward, and you try to touch the opening.

Please note that you must not bend, do not use too much force, and relax your muscles for 5 seconds.

This set of exercises will strengthen the spine, hips and legs.

Helps avoid back and leg injuries.

  Put a small bench or a newspaper on the floor for 3 minutes. The height is about 30 cm. First, place your right foot on the bench, step on the left foot, and then switch positions with both feet at the same time-left foot stool, right footStep on the ground, doing this alternately, doing 24 times per minute.

This method can exercise the heart’s response to persistent activities and reduce the risk of heart damage.

  Push-ups differ between men and women. Women and children under 10 years of age have their knees on their knees, their calves tilted, their heads to knees straight, their palms flat, their fingers facing forward, and the palms of their hands supporting the ground.

Then touch the ground with dark volts, and then use additional support to straighten the arms.

The movements of men and children over 10 years are basically the same, except that both knees should be off the ground, the entire main shaft should be in a straight line, and the toes should touch the ground.

This action can exercise the strength and endurance of the muscles of the upper limbs, shoulders and chest, which is conducive to maintaining a good posture and avoiding chest and hump.

Essential oil aromatherapy beauty Raiders


Essential oil aromatherapy beauty Raiders

With the rise of the natural plant beauty boom, the aromatherapy of essential oils, which has been in existence for thousands of years, has once again leapt to the center of the stage.

The difference is that it no longer appears in its original style and is no longer covered in mystery.

Today, using modern high-tech refining technology, essential oil aromatherapy has become the protagonist of the most fashionable beauty skin care products today.

 When the legendary beauty plant that crosses time and space performs photosynthesis, its cells secrete aromatic molecules.

These molecules aggregate into sachets and are scattered on petals or leaves.

Plant essential oils are the refined extracts of these sachets.

 The application of essential oil aromatherapy to beauty and medical treatment has been recorded in historical documents of ancient China, ancient India, ancient Arabia, ancient Egypt, and ancient Hebrew.

In ancient times, people had a thorough understanding of essential oil aromatherapy, but due to the tedious production and extravagant gold, it can only be used among the nobles of the palace.

 Legend has it that Cleopatra of Cleopatra had a passion for aromatherapy of essential oils.

She loves bathing or smelling with rose and lavender oils to maintain her skin.

To greet Roman lover Anthony, she applied clove essential oil on the boat, and filled the room with rose essential oil and ylang-ylang essential oil. He aroused love with the fragrance of essential oil and won Anthony’s favor.

  The modern study of essential oil aromatherapy began in France.

  In the middle of the last century, research by French doctors and scientists found that essential oils are plant hormones and possess the same constituent materials and life energy as humans.

Its properties are similar to human hormones, for the skin and connective tissue of the human body, for the arteriovenous circulatory system, for the lymphatic circulatory system, for muscle tissue, for the brain and spinal cord nervous tissue, for the growth nervous system, for the visceral organs, for the endocrine and exocrine glandsGlycoside is definitely beneficial for its medical care or reconciliation.

  Studies have shown that the small molecular structure of essential oils is extremely permeable and can even “penetrate” through glass.

In fact, its nutrients can reach the deep tissues of the skin, are absorbed by small vessels, and pass through the bloodstream to reach the organs being treated.

At the same time, the molecules derived from the essential oil are extremely fine and highly permeable, so it can enter and exit the body freely and effectively without leaving any toxins and residues.

  Now, medical clinical trials of essential oil aromatherapy have achieved results.

The beauty therapy of essential oil aromatherapy also uses the development of plant refining and extraction technology. The increase in the production of essential oils has gradually evolved from the royal palace products of ancient times to the noble living materials of today.

The masks and eye masks produced by aromatherapy using essential oils as raw materials have become the most popular beauty fashion today.

  20, 30, and 40-year-old beautiful formula Twenty-year-old skin has the strongest oil secretion, acne, and blackheads will often attack your face.

Essential oil aroma mask helps you to complete the most basic and most important thing-cleansing.

After a short cleansing, the mask was peeled off and the shine on the face disappeared.

The skin is hydrated and plump. The secret is to hydrate the skin in a timely manner while absorbing oil.

  Thirty-year-old skin is most worried about the pigment that has deposited, and eventually forms pigmentation.

The mask contains essential oils extracted from natural plants such as rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, and rosemary essential oil, which can soften dead skin, promote epidermal growth, reduce the obvious degree of freckles and dark spots, and make the skin tissue smoother and more delicate, and the complexion more visible.With transparent and even.

  At the age of forty years, the hormone secretion in the body is greatly reduced, and the skin also relaxes and ages.

The active ingredients in the essential oil aroma mask stimulate the sleeping cells through blood circulation. While tightening and calming wrinkles and fine lines, it releases small molecules of essential oil in the recesses of the wrinkles, regenerates and strengthens the surface layer of the skin, and improves the overall skin., Bright and beautiful.

  From a comparative point of view, using essential oil aromatherapy as a mask, which contains more than twenty precious plant refined essential oils, is equivalent to doing a real essential oil aromatherapy beauty treatment in a beauty salon.

  Fast penetration-The small molecular structure of essential oil is only one-fifth of the macromolecular structure of Chinese herbal medicine. It penetrates an average 1 millimeter of facial skin. The macromolecular structure of Chinese herbal medicine takes about 10 minutes, while the small molecular structure of essential oil only requires 30-60.Seconds; high absorption rate – the macromolecular structure of Chinese herbal medicines is poor, only 15% are absorbed by the skin, and the mutations of essential oils are extremely strong, and the absorption rate by the skin is more than 90%; effective and significant-compared with Chinese herbal medicines, active ingredients of essential oils pass throughThe aromatherapy effect can penetrate deep into the skin, transport oxygen, moisture, and nutrients to the cells through the blood, strongly activate the cells, improve the overall skin condition, and regenerate the skin. It restores and resolves the dullness, roughness, and wrinkles of women’s faces from the source., Pigmentation, relaxation, crack sores and many other problems.

  Safety Guarantee-Based on 5000 skin tests, allergic and adverse reactions caused by plant essential oils will be 0, while that of Chinese herbal medicine will be 10.

  Economical and convenient-save a lot of troubles in the beauty salon to do professional care, an essential oil aroma mask only costs 18 yuan, only a few minutes, anytime, anywhere, easy and convenient to complete a professional beauty treatment once.

  [Secret Recipe]Essential Oil Acupoint Aromatherapy Acupoint Aromatherapy Facial Mask uses a unique acupoint application method. The effective ingredients of essential oils penetrate the 16 sensitive parts around the eyes quickly and accurately into the deep layers of human skin. It has strong permeability and absorption.Fast, good results, affectionate for women.

Skillful mother teaches you to make seven cold autumn soups

Skillful mother teaches you to make seven cold autumn soups

Guide: In the autumn, the sky is dry and the human body needs to add more nutrients. Drinking more soup is an alternative method.

Then make some soup and water to supplement your child’s energy.

  Mung bean soup preparation: peach, pineapple, coriander, mung bean soup, 1 teaspoon of honey.

  Be patient, peel the peaches, scoop them, peel them, peel the pineapple, and beat them into a juice with a food processor together with mung bean soup.

Add honey to the juice when the juice is finished, and mix the iced ice cubes with it to make the cold and delicious mung bean soup.

  Fruit and vegetable juice Any kind of fruit, lettuce, celery, parsley.

1 tbsp lemon, honey, 2 tbsp cold water.

Peel the fruit, wash the lettuce, celery, and cilantro, add cold water, and beat together with a food processor to make a juice.

Add the above juice to lemon juice, honey and mix with ice cubes.

  One piece of melon yogurt, one piece of cantaloupe, one cup of yogurt, half a teaspoon of honey.

The watermelon and cantaloupe are peeled and seeded, and the juice is squeezed out by the juicer together.

Mix the above juice with yogurt, honey, and ice cubes.

  Spinach: sweet, cool, with nourishing, hemostatic, astringent yin effects.

  A handful of spinach meatball soup with spinach, lean pork powder, minced onion, soy sauce, water starch, ginger, salt, sesame oil, chicken powder.

Pick and wash the spinach and cut into 4 cm segments. Chop the lean pork into mud, season with salt, stir the soy sauce in one direction, and add water starch, shallot, ginger, and sesame oil. Stir well and reserve.use.
Add an appropriate amount of water and chicken powder to the pot. After boiling, use a low fire, make the pork paste into small balls, cook it thoroughly, add salt to the salt, and add the spinach section.Serve.

  Friendly reminder: water starch should be thicker, or add an appropriate amount of egg white; you can leave some green onions and sesame oil in the soup before leaving the pot.

  Spinach Golden Hook Tofu Soup A handful of spinach, a small piece of tender tofu, water, sea rice oxide, salt, monosodium glutamate, Shao wine each amount, spring onion, ginger, some sesame oil.

Pick and wash the spinach and cut it into 4 cm segments. Slightly boil in boiling water. Remove it immediately with cold water. Cut the tender tofu into 1 cm wide pieces for use.

Put oil in the saucepan, scallion, ginger and shabu-shabu under high heat, cook into the wine, add the right amount of broth, add spinach, tofu, sea rice, salt, monosodium glutamate to the pan. After the soup is boiled, skim the foamServe with sesame oil.

  Friendly reminder: monosodium glutamate can be replaced by chicken powder. With chicken powder and appropriate amount of water, it can replace broth; those who love lard can use the same amount of lard instead of vegetable oil.

  Cauliflower: sweet, warm, clearing heat and detoxifying.

  Fresh corn cauliflower soup, fresh corn, water starch, salt, chicken flour, moderate amount of sesame oil.

Wash the cauliflower and simmer it into small blossoms. Add it to a boiling water pot and blanch it. Remove the cold water and drain it for later use.

Peel the fresh corn, boil it and boil it for later use.

Add oil to the wok and heat until it is 60% hot. Stir-fry cauliflower, add salt, corn kernels, chicken flour, and an appropriate amount of water. After boiling, add water to the starch, pour sesame oil, and serve.

  Friendly reminder: add salt and water according to your actual needs.

  Sprouts: Soy bean sprouts, cold, brain and stomach.

  Baiyu Ruyi Soup: Soy bean sprouts, tofu, winter mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate, and salt.

Cut the tofu into cubes, boil it thoroughly with water in a pot, remove into a honeycomb shape, drain, and fry slightly.

Cut the shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots into thin filaments and cook until ready for use.

Add the fried tofu, shiitake shreds, shiitake shreds into the casserole, add yellow buds, and cook with the right amount of water and salt. After all the ingredients are cooked and cooked thoroughly, add less MSG and sesame oil, and then serve.

Focus on sleep for health

Focus on sleep for health

In order to raise people’s awareness of sleep, the World Health Organization has set March 21 every year as “World Sleep Day” without sleep. People can only live for four days. Who can take the initiative to associate substitution with sleep disorders?

  -High blood pressure, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, epilepsy, hyposexuality, autonomic dysfunction, erythrocytosis, and myocardial infarction, cerebral thrombosis, stroke, sudden death . Chinese sleepHuang Xizhenpin, chairman of the research institute and professor of Xiehe Hospital, in clinical medicine, the treatment of patients with the above-mentioned diseases is often seen in the woods, but only “the right medicine.”

As everyone knows, many of these complications are caused by sleep disorders, especially sleep disordered breathing. As long as the sleep or sleep breathing conditions are improved, many may be cured and at least they can be relieved.

  When it comes to the quality of life, people like to use the words “eat, live, and walk” to sum up. In fact, the word “sleep” should be added.

A person can survive only 7 days without drinking water, but only 4 days without sleep.

  When to fall asleep is best not determined by the length of sleep, or the quality of sleep.

After falling asleep, people first enter slow-wave sleep for about 8-120 minutes; then they enter fast-wave sleep for about 20-30 minutes; then they return to slow-wave sleep.

This is repeated about 4-5 times throughout sleep.

  The closer to arousal, the longer the slow wave sleep is, and the longer the fast wave sleep is.

People can wake up from slow-wave sleep or fast-wave sleep directly, but cannot jump from fast-asleep to fast-wave sleep and fall asleep.

Therefore, in order to make the body enter the slow-wave sleep quickly, we should try to avoid the human body’s physiological excitement day and night, in order to enter a sweet dreamland.

  When do you fall asleep for better sleep quality?

The answer is: 9-11 pm, 12-1: 30 noon, and 2-3: 30 am.

  Nightmares are related to diseases. Recently, a series of studies by medical experts in the United States found that when people sleep, the active regulatory function of the brain has rested, and potentially abnormal stimulus signals in the body are “amplified” relatively in the brain, causingThe corresponding part of the brain cell excitement activity, so a dream with a regular dream.

There are some related rules between nightmares and diseases: often dreaming of someone or a monster holding a stick or a wooden stick, a hammer, or something hitting your head, or pouring into your five senses and seven holes, digging, etc.It usually indicates that you have a brain tumor or neurological disease.

  I often dream of loud horns or bullets near the ears, and arrow clusters passing through my head, suggesting that the ears have a certain height.

I often dream of someone getting stuck in your throat and waking up because of poor breathing; or in the sleep, I feel that my throat is stuck by something like fish bones, and sometimes I feel something like a fork is inserted into my throat, which often prompts the presence of concurrency in the throatdisease.
  I often dream of someone chasing, I ca n’t even call if I want to, and I ca n’t run fast if I want to run.

  Often dreaming of a skewed or twisted body, accompanied by suffocation, and suddenly waking up, is a precursor to angina.

  I often dream of falling from a high place, but I always wake up when I fall below the ground, often suggesting a hidden heart disease.

Often dreaming of dealing with fire, such as people suffering from the fire in the fire, this often indicates high blood pressure.

  I often dream of dealing with water, such as floods, people overflowing it, which often indicates that there is something wrong with the liver and gallbladder system.

  Often dreaming of driving in the clouds or encountering evil-looking wicked people often indicates errors in the circulatory and digestive systems.

  I often wake up dreaming of someone kicking or stabbing you from the back and wake up. After waking up, I feel pain in the waist that was kicked or stabbed in my dream, and often prompts a latent attack on the waist and kidneys.

  I often dream of eating rotten food, and I always have a bitter taste in my mouth when I wake up; or I feel very fat in my dreams, or I feel that the food I eat in the abdomen is difficult to digest, sore and uncomfortable.Patient.

Such as the elderly have nightmares, dreaming of someone chasing, his body is crooked, his limbs are heavy, his emotions are agitated, and when he wakes up, he has a lingering heart, sweating, and his heart rate is increasing.

These may be related to inadequate blood supply to the heart and brain, and are often a precursor to cerebrovascular accidents in angina pectoris of coronary heart disease.

If young people dream of eating, drinking alcohol may be a precursor to ulcers.

If a person with a seizure dreams that the television is disturbed, collides with someone, and falls from the air, indicating that a major accident will occur in the disease soon.

  Changes in the content of dreams can also indicate improvement or exacerbation of the disease.

Depression patients’ dreams are not as depressive and pessimistic as during the day, and they even have joyous dreams.

And when the joy of their dreams diminishes or disappears, and their troubled dreams increase, it is a precursor to the clinical symptoms tending to ease.

  Insufficient sleep can cause obesity. “Insufficient sleep time can lead to insulin resistance and is a risk factor for obesity.

“This is a new perspective on obesity research in the international medical community.

  A comparative observation in the United States found that each person had an average sleep time of only 5 hours per day, while the other group had 8 hours of sleep. As a result, there was no difference in the glucose tolerance test, but only one of the short sleep had repeated replication and increased by 50%., And the sensitivity is greatly reduced.

In the case of normal glucose tolerance, abnormal insulin function is the direct cause of aggravating obesity or causing diabetes.

Skin care before and after menstruation has wonderful results


Skin care before and after menstruation has wonderful results

Menstruation is considered the weakest time for women and the time when it is most needed.

Many female friends have lost their skin when they are menstruating.

In fact, it is not that proper maintenance before and after menstruation has wonderful effects on the skin!

  Women’s physiological cycle is mainly divided into four periods: menstrual period, one week before ovulation, end of ovulation and one week before menstruation.

  Menstrual period: Moisturizing is the second and third day of menstruation. You may experience physical discomfort and often feel bad. In addition, hormone secretion decreases, the skin will become extremely dry, and pores will become enlarged.

Therefore, at this time, the most important thing is moisturizing.

  How effective is menstruation?


Choose skin care products with high moisturizing and firming effect.


Eat more iron-containing foods and protein that can increase iron absorption.


Do some exercise that promotes metabolism.

  One week before ovulation: Simply clean the week before ovulation, the skin becomes elastic, extremely shiny, and looks good, and the skin condition is stable.


During this time, as long as you apply ordinary care methods such as facial compresses and simple cleansing.

  However, it is worth mentioning that this period is the best time to lose weight. You only need to do some exercise and control your diet, and your body will change significantly.

  End of ovulation: Whitening and ovulation, skin condition becomes unstable.

Although looking good, the problem a week before menstruation has begun to form quietly.

Especially after ovulation, sebum secretion gradually increases, melanin activation may cause acne, so the most important thing at this time is to perform whitening care.


Should choose some refreshing type, other skin care products are best not to choose too strong oily.


Do sun protection work well and use higher degree sun protection products.

  The week before menstruation: The skin is susceptible to allergies. Pay attention to the maintenance. One week before menstruation, the physiological conditions begin to be tense, the skin is prone to allergies, it also becomes rough, the secretion of oil increases, and acne prone.


The most important thing in this period is maintenance, so that the situation no longer worsens.

Choose cleaning products suitable for sensitive skin, and ensure that the skin has excess moisture, and products that balance oil are more useful.

  In addition, the mood will also affect the skin condition. At this time, you must be less angry and adjust the bad mood in time.

Do not eat spicy and cold foods, drink plenty of hot water, and eat more fruits and vegetables.