[How to make glutinous wine]_Methods_Production process

[How to make glutinous wine]_Methods_Production process

It is a fruit that we often eat everyday. 枇杷 can lose weight and taste sweet. 枇杷 You can shave the meat with banana and mango to make smoothies. Eat it in the summer to stimulate the heat, 暑 is the fruit of the south, 枇杷Flowers, leaves, fruits and stones are good for the human body.

枇杷 can also make wine law enforcement health care, how to make 枇杷 wine?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Brew sugar is required to make sugar.

Stir in the right amount of white wine, filter and add sugar to adjust your favorite taste after half a month.


Benefits of putting sugar in wine: 1.

The organic acids contained in it can stimulate the secretion of the digestive glands, have a significant effect on increasing appetite, helping digestion and absorption, quenching thirst and relieving heat; 2.

Contains bitter almonds and almonds, which can nourish the lungs, relieve cough, expectorant, and treat various coughs; 3.

It contains a large number of various nutrients required by our body, so it is a fruit with extremely high nutritional health effects; 4.

The theory of Chinese medicine believes that weight loss should be based on strengthening the spleen, water, and phlegm, and maggots have these effects, so it is a good weight loss fruit;

Fruits and leaves have the effect of inhibiting the flu virus, and eating them regularly can prevent colds.


How long can the 泡 wine bubble be drunk? The 枇杷 wine bubble can be exchanged for about 3 months.


Remove both ends without peeling; 2.

2. Cuticle lines and put rock sugar; 3.

Use low-alcohol liquor at about 30–40 degrees, soak for nearly three months.


How to choose 枇杷 1, first we need to see if the fluff on the 枇杷 epidermis is intact, and to see if the fruit powder is intact.

In general, the tadpoles have a layer of fluff and fruit powder. A well-preserved indicates that the tadpoles have not been harmed and are relatively fresh.

Fresh tincture contains the best amount of vitamin C, and it also has the most health benefits after taking it.

2, 枇杷 is not always the best, when you usually choose the best can choose a moderate size, this 枇杷 taste better.

Bulking agents that are too large in the market generally use bulking agents; if the head is too small, it means that the nutrition is poor and it is not suitable for purchase.

3. The darker the tincture is, the more mature it is, the sweeter and the flavor is better.

If the appearance is pale yellow or even green, and the flesh is relatively hard, it is immature or has a bad taste. It is not recommended to buy.

[How to make pigeon soup]_ pigeon soup _ how to do _ how to do

[How to make pigeon soup]_ pigeon soup _ how to do _ how to do

The pigeon soup is a nutrient soup, but its stewing methods are different because we can add other condiments according to our own needs. In addition to the stewed pigeon soup, we can also boil the wolfberry pigeon soup orYam pigeon soup.

First, the practice of clear stewed pigeon soup: 1.

Water, after washing a cooking wine bathtub, go to the bubble hot tub 2.

Then it became my delicious soup material: an old pigeon, 5 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of red dates, 5 grams of ginseng, 5 grams of white peony, 5 grams of codonopsis, 10 grams of barley, 3 cordyceps, 5ML cooking wine.

Production method: 1. Clean the pigeons and cut them in half for use; 2. Boil the pigeons in a cold water pot and remove them after the blood is removed. 3. Put the pigeons in a casserole and add boiling water to drown the meat.;; Add Chinese wolfberry, red dates, sea ginseng, white scallion, codonopsis, indica rice, cooking wine; 4, boil the pigeons with high heat, and then simmer for more than 3 hours over medium-low heat;Just enter Cordyceps.

Second, wolfberry pigeon soup ingredients: pigeon, cooking wine, ginger slices, gastrodia, wolfberry, salt Steps: 1.

Pigeons are cleaned, PP is cut off, cleaned, put in boiling water pot with ginger wine, simmered in water and removed.


Add enough water to the saucepan, add ginger slices, spring onion segments, gastrodia elata and pigeons.


After the fire has boiled, turn to low heat and slowly simmer until the pigeons are cooked.


Sprinkle a handful of wolfberry and season with salt for another 15 minutes.

PS: The time to stew the pigeon soup should be adjusted according to the original of the pigeon. The older the pigeon, the longer the stew.

I stewed this pot for 3 and a half hours.

Stewed pigeons can be easily poked with chopsticks.

3. Yam pigeon soup material: suckling pigeon, yam, red dates, Chinese wolfberry, ginger slices, cooking wine, water; production method: 1, clean up the pigeons, drain the water for later use; 2. clean the ginger and cut into slices for later use;Cut the yam into large pieces for future use; 3. Put the pigeons in a large bowl and add wolfberry, red dates, ginger slices, yam, cooking wine; 4. Add an appropriate amount of water; 5. Steam for 1 hour on high fire, or 20 minutes in a pressure cooker;

Lanqi Technology (688008): The world’s leading digital memory card chip era

Lanqi Technology (688008): The world’s leading digital memory card chip era

Highlights of the report Lanqi Technology is the focus of the report of high-quality IC design companies in China. Lanqi Technology has an excellent operating situation. The company’s operating income has continued to grow rapidly and its profitability has continued to increase. The revenue growth rate in the past two years has exceeded 40%.

Among them, the company’s 上海夜网论坛 main business income in 2018 reached 17.

580,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 43%, net profit attributable to mothers7.

37 ppm, an increase of 112 in ten years.


Landing on the science and technology board this time, Lanqi Technology plans to issue no more than 11,298 shares.

13.89 million shares, accounting for no less than 10% of the total share capital after issuance.

Leading memory interface chip, effective global competitiveness Lanqi Technology’s core product memory interface chip has a global market share of more than 40%. It ranks with IDT and Rambus as three major suppliers.

The company adopts the Fabless mode, which is in series with high added value of the integrated circuit smile curve segmentation.

The company has core competitiveness in three dimensions of technological leadership, first-mover advantage and ecological advantage, and its industry position is solid.

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence build long-term growth driving force The demand for memory interface chips is closely related to the growth of ICT investment. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence will be important driving forces driving data center and server capital expansion in the future.

In the future, the company will benefit from the increased penetration of “1 + 9” high-end solutions in the DDR4 generation. At the same time, the DDR5 generation technology is gradually approaching, which is expected to start the company’s next high-speed growth in the future.

Estimate Analysis and Investment Suggestions We estimate that Lanqi Technology’s net profit attributable to its mothers will be 8 in 2019-2021.

35, 9.

23 and 13.

2.1 billion.

We believe that the reasonable PE range of Lanqi Technology is 33-40 times, according to the net profit attributable to mothers in 20198.

Calculated at 350,000 yuan, the corresponding reasonable market value interval after the issue is 275.

55 ppm-334.

10 billion, according to 11 after the issuance.

Calculated at 杭州桑拿网 300 million equity, the corresponding excess range is 24.

38 yuan -29.

56 yuan.

Risk Warning: 1.

Product development risk, high customer concentration risk, supplier risk, reduced preferential policy risk, no actual controller risk; 2.

Intellectual property risk, uncertainty risk of DDR5 technology and product launch, and uncertainty risk facing server platform business.

Jincai Interconnect (002530): Steady business progress The impact of Circular 44

Jincai Interconnect (002530): Steady business progress The impact of Circular 44
1H19 results are in line with our expected 1H19 results: revenue 5.60 ppm, ten years + 20%; net profit attributable to mother 0.$ 8.3 billion, + 1% a year, in line with expectations. Development Trend Revenue growth is mainly driven by electronic tax growth.(1) Service income from service 1.46 ppm, one year + 12%, gross profit margin decreased by 2pcts, the growth rate has improved compared to 2018. In the first half of this year, the State Administration of Taxation issued “Circular 44”. Some of the company’s products were replaced by one-off sales to the government and then provided to enterprises for free, resulting inPeriodic defects in the company’s revenue growth; (2) The growth rate of the office business (electronic tax) is relatively high, and the revenue is 1.6.4 billion, previously + 148%, of which product and development services business income was 0.2.5 billion, -14% a year, technical service income is 0.60ppm, + 75% per year, system integration business income 0.77 ‰, one year + 3,277% (only 2.29 million yuan in the same period last year). Due to the significant change in the income structure, the gross profit margin fell by nearly 6 pcts. After the completion of the national land tax consolidation, the business of the bureau is in the “Golden Three”, the electronic tax bureau,Real-name taxation and other businesses have led to an increase in growth; (3) The heat treatment business is relatively stable with revenue 2.500,000 yuan, at least -7.33%, gross profit margin decreased by 3pcts, of which the average sales revenue of the three sub-product line equipment sales, heat treatment processing and heat treatment service 杭州桑拿 business decreased; (4) 2Q19 revenue2.76 trillion, ten years +4.3%, compared with 40 in the first quarter.6% has significant harm. Expenses were well controlled, and the capitalization rate of research and development continued to increase compared with the end of the previous year. Due to the rapid growth of the bureau-side business, accounts receivable increased.(1) Selling expenses of 26.88 million yuan, + 17% a year, and selling expense ratio of 4.80%, basically the same as the same period of last year; (2) R & D expenses of 27.31 million yuan, + 4% per year, R & D capitalization rate of 71%, which continues to increase from 66% of FY18; (3) Management expenses of 80.66 million yuan, annually+ 22%, management expense rate 14.42%, after the combined research and development expenses compared to the same period last year, the management expense ratio (without single demolition of research and development expenses) was basically the same; (4) bills receivable + accounts receivable + other receivables total.6 ‰, + 27% a year, an increase of 1 over the end of last year.US $ 7.6 billion, which we estimate is related to the growth of the head office business; (5) Corresponding free cash flow -3.24 ‰, at least -58%. Earnings forecasts and estimates We maintain our earnings forecasts unchanged.Currently it corresponds to 18/2019/2020.15 times four.6 times price-earnings ratio.We maintain a neutral rating, but in accordance with the “Document 44” and other policies to improve the assessment of related companies, we cut Fangxin Technology’s corresponding estimate to P / E 20x, and cut the target price according to SOTP 29.4% to 9.00 yuan, corresponding to 19.2x 2019 P / E ratio and 16.3 times the 2020 price-earnings ratio, compared with the recent inclusion of 4.4% upside. Risks “Circular 44” and other tax and fee reduction policies have gradually restricted non-market-based fees; systematic incremental substitution.

TCM Ask is important

TCM “Ask” is important


Sleep, how do you sleep?
Is it dawn?
Do you wake up regularly every day?
If it will wake up, when will it wake up?
Is it dreaming?
and many more.


Appetite, do you feel hungry?
What special food do you want to eat or what kind of food do you like?
Or not hungry and have no appetite at all.

Cold and hot, do you usually feel hot or cold?
Are your hands and feet cold?
Sweat, do you sweat easily?
Will night sweats?
Will I sweat more often?
Still a body that doesn’t sweat?
Poop, are you constipated?
Do you have a bowel movement every day?
What is the color of stool?
Is it profit?
Is it smelly or tasteless?
and many more.

Pee, what color is your pee?
Frequent urination?
Still not young?
Still not urinating?
How many times a day on average?and many more.

Are you thirsty?

If you are thirsty, what temperature do you want to drink?

If you are not thirsty, do you often forget to drink water?

Or how can you drink to quench your thirst?


How is your physical strength and how is your spirit?

Still tired?

When you get up in the morning, are you energetic?

Still unable to get up?

Can I concentrate?


Sexual function, how is your sexual function?

and many more.

Ask a woman’s menstruation, whether you have menstruation or not, explain in detail your menstrual height. Is it delayed or advanced each time?

Does it hurt?

Have you ever had a child?

  As long as the reader explains your physical feelings according to the above consultation, the prescription family can prescribe the prescription based on these main symptoms without seeing you, but when we prescribe, we must know how much you weigh?

How tall is he?

Wait, because different physiques will lead to different dosages.

  Jingfang is in the real treatment, so when the patient recovers when taking Jingfang, there will be some changes in the body, which may be different every day, sometimes it will be beneficial, sometimes dizziness, vomiting, numbness in hands and feet,This is a normal phenomenon. Because we are treating a disease, there will be many reactions that vary from person to person. At this time, you do n’t need to report to the doctor every day. You just ask yourself to see if these reactions have occurred to you.Where is the symptom?

You know what happened to you

I once met an ignorant patient. When she came to see me, she refused to be constipated. She had a large size only once a week. As a result, she called me the next day after taking my medicine. She could not bear the side effects of Chinese medicine.Because the profit is too much.

So I asked her how you feel?

She said that she feels very good and her physical strength has recovered. How do readers think I should answer her?

When you take western medicine, you don’t have this kind of reaction because western medicine is only controlling, not treating the disease at all. Of course, you will feel the difference between the two.

  If the patient holds a Western medicine test report to look at orthodox Chinese medicine, you will definitely be scolded, because this is what Western medicine said, not what we said, if you have any questions, you should ask the person who helped you with this test report.Come and ask Chinese medicine?

This is what chickens and ducks say. You can give the traditional Chinese medicine test instructions to the traditional Chinese medicine, and you can also give your diagnosis to the traditional Chinese medicine. This can help the traditional Chinese medicine to prove how good the traditional Chinese medicine is.It is prescribed in full compliance with your physical symptoms, not in accordance with the test report of Western medicine, so you must show your physical symptoms and explain them in detail, so as to help orthodox Chinese medicine, every time the patient takes outWhen the Western medicine test report was given to me, they didn’t know that it would be totally useless to Chinese medicine.

  I can help Chinese people in the United States use remote diagnosis to treat diseases. As long as you can answer the ten questions above, I can cure you, but for patients in other countries, I ca n’t cure them because there are manyChinese medicine is controlled or imported on your side, so the medicine taste is not complete, so I ca n’t help you. I can mail the medicine to you in the United States. It only takes about three days to reach you.,therefore.

Patients outside the United States do not fax them to me. I have more than enough energy, so I generally do n’t send them back. I ‘m very sorry, please do n’t try and touch the nails.

Man longs for a woman to know the sex secret

Man longs for a woman to know the sex secret

People generally have a common understanding of couples’ sexual life: men’s interest is “quantity”, that is, more than once; women’s interest is “quality”, that is, how each time they are.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. For various reasons, many wives do not fully understand the sexual psychology and requirements of men, and men also have some sexual secrets that are not willing to export but hope that their wives know and understand.

  First, men’s sexual requirements are no better than women.

  Many women who are wives always think that their husbands are not satisfied with their sexual life. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

In real life, men are most afraid of the fact that their wives say that their sexual abilities are not good, so sometimes men alternately ask their wives for sexual demands, not really need them, but worry about not having sex, and the wife will say that she can’t, even herself.When you are unable to do your best, you have to hold your face for the sake of your face.

  Second, men only need sex forever.

  Many wives think that men’s sex is to make love.

In fact, this is enough. They need more emotional exchanges.

“Sometimes, what men want is to embrace, kiss or talk about their own words.” That’s it.

Their sexual demands are not as single as their wives think.

  Third, men can also get sexual pleasure in love.

  Married men all want to get love, happiness, and relaxed feelings from their wives. I also hope that Qingqing and I will be romantic. “Men are the same as women. The more they are sentimental, the more sexual pleasure can be satisfied.”

Many men who have been married for many years are most afraid that their wives do not understand their need for romance. They say that they are not like a manly man, so they put on a masculine look.

  Fourth, men also need caress before sex.

  Some wives are dissatisfied with the performance of their husbands during their sexual life. They feel that their husbands are not “doing their best” and some even think that their husbands are coping with themselves.

In fact, this is not the case. It is not that the husband does not need sex, nor because the wife lacks charm, but because of the prelude to love, the fire of men’s sexual desire has not really ignited.

  Fifth, men do not always ask for sex.

  A man’s sexual desire does not have to be satisfied by making love.

In the intimate contact between the husband and wife, the wife and the bird are fascinating and charming, and the sweet and sweet words of the sweet voice always make the husband excited and produce an intimate and comfortable sexual experience.

Four ways to control female occupational anger

Four ways to control female occupational anger

Decreasing the voice and slowing down the speech can alleviate the emotional impulses, while straightening slightly forward will diminish the impulsive tension because people are emotional, and people with intense intonations usually lean their chests forward when their bodies lean forward, Will make his face close to each other, this speaking gesture can artificially cause tension.

  Listen in silence to the well-known British politician, historian Parkinson and the well-known British management scientist Rastomji, in a book co-authored: “If there is a quarrel, don’t open your mouth.

First quote others, let others finish their words, and be good-hearted and reasonable.

It is absolutely difficult to win people’s hearts by arguing, and the immediate solution is to love each other.

“The characteristic of anger is that it is short-lived. After the” headache “, the contradiction is a little easier to resolve.

  When you ca n’t agree with other people ‘s ideas, and for a while you find it difficult to persuade the other person, listen in silence, causing the other person to point, and the obedient person ‘s opinion on him will even suppress his “head” and at the same time helpCut and avoid the “heads” of the other side.

  Robert Kelly, a business professor at Carnegie Mellon University, met a programmer and his boss at a computer company in California who disputed the value of a piece of software. Kelly suggested that they stand at each other.After five minutes, Shuangyi realized how ridiculous each other’s performance was. Everyone laughed and quickly found a solution.

  In the process of person-to-person communication, psychological factors play an important role. People think they are right, and the other party must accept their opinions.

  If the two parties can exchange roles and think for themselves when exchanging opinions, they can avoid a big stir.

  In the sublimation rationale TV series “Stepmother”, when the young stepmother saw the child deliberately mischief with her, she became angry and broke the glass.

  But she immediately overcame the consequences of further conflict, thinking of her mother’s responsibility and due intellect, she immediately dispelled her anger, swept away the glass shards and took the initiative to apologize to the child and settle the relationship.

  When a conflict occurs, the internal mind estimates a consequence, think about your own responsibility, and sublimate yourself to a person who is rational and open-minded, you will certainly be able to control your mood and ease the tense atmosphere.

Six nourishing and nourishing soups

Six nourishing and nourishing soups

Cordyceps sinensis-Cordyceps sinensis, which lives together with the old tortoise, has the effects of strengthening the spleen, calming the skin, and whitening the skin. It is a suitable supplement for white-collar women in all seasons.

  Who doesn’t want fair and delicate skin?

But in life, our skin is often difficult for us, either with a black and red face, or dull and pale.

How to do?

Properly changing the diet structure may greatly improve the skin.

What’s wrong with your skin?

  The spleen and stomach are not strong, the anger is very strong, the female with a pea-faced face is full of heat and detoxification, and the spleen and stomach are strengthened. If your urine is yellow, then drink this soup.

Poria cocos has a strong flavor, so it should be covered by seasoning when cooking, which is also a good way to check the cooking skills.

  Female ginseng turtles that are too busy and stressed-Compared to ginseng, American ginseng is mild in nature and suitable for more people tonic, and it is suitable for all seasons. The tonic effect of turtles is well known.

This soup is especially suitable for those white-collar women who work and are under excessive pressure. They can nourish qi and nourish yin, clear fire and relieve annoyance, and nourish the stomach.

  Women’s Cordyceps Pot with Dried Autumn, Winter, Lung Heat, and Cough and Phlegm-The main role is to nourish the lungs and nourish the kidneys, stop bleeding and reduce phlegm.

However, it should be noted that people with cold spleen and stomach and stomach ulcers are best not to eat it, so as not to be counterproductive.

  Irregular menstruation, women with rough skin, red dates and black chicken soup-red dates have been a good source of blood for a long time, and black chicken is more beneficial to qi and nourishing yin. It is especially suitable for female friends.

  Gastrodia milk pigeon soup soup-Gastrodia is especially effective for headaches, dizziness, and numbness of the limbs, while young pigeons are rich in nutrition and smooth in texture, so they can be favored by female friends who have excessive brain.

  Winter cough, shortness of breath female overlord flower ribs soup-Qinghuo lungs, qi, you can often eat.

  Drinking soup pays attention to the knowledge that women are suitable for supplementing warm soup before the holiday. Do not make excessive menstrual blood because of excessive supplementation.

  These soups with dietary effects need to be drunk often to bring them into effect, and it is advisable to 2-3 times a week.

  Precautions for making soup: If you want to make a pot of soup at home and let your family share the food and happiness, you should also pay attention to the following.

  Selection of materials: When selecting materials for traditional Chinese medicine, it is best to choose ginseng, angelica, Chinese wolfberry, astragalus yam, lily, and lotus seed materials that are recognized by the people without any substitution.

  In addition, you can choose a mild soup according to your physical condition.

If the body is strong, you can choose Chinese herbal medicines such as mung beans, kelp, winter melon, lotus seeds, etc .; if the body is too cold, you should choose ginseng as soup.

  Water temperature: the meat in cold water will not immediately solidify the protein in the outer layer of the meat, the protein in the inner and outer layers can be fully dissolved in the soup, and the taste of the soup is delicious.

  Cutting: The meat should be simmered first, and the blood and blood remaining in the meat are removed to ensure that the soup is cooking properly.

The whole chicken should be cooked in a pot to ensure that the chicken meat is fine and not rough after the soup is cooked.

In addition, do not put salt prematurely. The water contained in the meat will quickly run out when it is too salty, which will also accelerate the solidification of the protein and affect the umami of the soup.

  Heat: Do not overheat the fire. The heat depends on the boiling level of the soup.

After the pan is boiled, cook on low heat for about three hours.

Because the ginseng contains a kind of ginsenoside, if it is cooked for too long, it will decompose and lose its nutritional value. Therefore, the best time to cook ginseng soup is about 40 minutes.

  Meat processing in soup: No matter how long the soup is cooked, the nutrition of the meat cannot be completely dissolved in the soup, so you should eat the right amount of meat after drinking the soup.

Experts suggest regular eating of similar foods can cause premature aging

Experts suggest regular eating of similar foods can cause premature aging

Wang Mingfu, director of Taiwan Anti-Aging Health Medical Association, pointed out that the following four major bad eating habits are important causes of aging.


hzh{display:none;}  1.Eat meals.

Animal studies have shown that limiting the range can extend lifespan. Rats that eat an unlimited amount are fat and die prematurely than rats that eat sixty to seventy percent.

Professor Wang Mingfu suggested that it is best to eat seven or eight full meals.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, it is easier to digest and absorb, and it is not easy to gain weight.

  In addition, a low-content, protein, low-sugar, low-fat diet can also stimulate growth hormone release, enhance physical function, and invigorate the spirit.

Slight drought is better for slowing down aging than full food.


I often eat processed foods and frozen foods.

These foods may be added with preservatives, artificial colors, bleaches and other harmful substances, which are prone to generate free radicals in the body, damage cells, and even only a small amount, accumulated for a long time and adversely affect.


Loves fried food.

Oils and fats can become peroxides in the body, forming free radicals, which can only be taken in moderation.

If you have to eat, you must reduce the number and quantity.


The diet content remains the same.

Eating the same food often will increase the chances of harmful substances remaining in the body. “It is best to eat 32 foods a day,” Wang Mingfu said, and at least 20 foods should be eaten. Avoid partial food.

Four-step stovepipe method to practice slim jade legs


Four-step stovepipe method to practice slim jade legs

There is no sharp curve between the thigh and the calf and the toes. The legs are thicker than the upper body, which is obviously inconsistent with the upper body. This is the physical feature of most oriental women.

Many girls who are not fat will feel that their legs are thicker.

So how do you judge whether the calf is too thick?


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€杩欓噷鏁欏ぇ瀹朵竴涓崄鍒嗙畝鍗曠殑鏂规硶锛氱敤鎵嬮噺閲忎綘鑴栧瓙鐨勫懆闀匡紝鍦ㄩ噺閲忓皬鑵跨殑鍛ㄩ暱锛屾甯哥殑灏忚吙鍥村害搴旇涓庝箣鐩歌繎锛屽鏋滃澶锛屽氨鏄疶oo thick.
If the calf is too thick, it is really a place that is not easy to lose weight.

Because the calf is an important support for body weight, it must have a certain weight.

But if we can persevere, we can still have the time to be proud of the slim jade legs.

銆€銆€The first step: the massage around the sputum area is less accumulated a lot of slight, because the alignment is the joint part of the bone, but this part is easy to swell or overlap, and the leg becomes thicker.

The specific method is: starting from the surrounding of high blood pressure massage, can improve the small phenomenon around the skin, however, the number of massages should be increased, otherwise the effect of improving the curve can not be achieved.

銆€銆€Step 2: Tightening the thigh line The thigh leg of the leg is slightly easy to accumulate and slack, and is thicker than the above, and the reason why the thigh is easy to be thick is that the muscles of the thigh are not developed enough, and the skin is slightly soft and soft.

Fully exercise the muscles of the thighs, exercise more, work hard on your thighs, and then fully massage to slowly improve the troubles of the thick thighs.

銆€銆€The third step: improve the calf microcirculation method 1: In fact, want to thin the calf, first check whether the muscles of your calf are slack or tight.

If the muscles are tight, it will be more difficult to lose weight.

So the primary transition leg plan begins with a loose, firm calf fat.

You can sit on the ground on weekdays, raise one foot to a right angle, apply a slimming product that promotes microcirculation, tightens the skin and eliminates fat, and beats the calf with a fist, or massage with the palm, each side can do 10 minutes.

銆€銆€Method 2: Raise the leg before going to bed, put it at a right angle of 90 degrees, put it on the top, rest for twenty or thirty minutes and then put it down, which will lead to blood circulation in the legs and reduce swelling of the feet.

銆€銆€Step 4: Cellulite tightening movement STEP1: The front end of the foot is aligned on the raised platform, and the foot tries to press down.

銆€銆€STEP2: Then the calf is pulled up hard and the whole person is raised.

Repeat this set of rhythmically, do 20?
30 times, try to get up and press down, and do a little soreness.

You can support the object with one hand to maintain balance.

銆€銆€STEP3: Lying on the ground, the feet are straight up 90 degrees to the body, with a long towel across the instep, with both hands straight and the toes high.

銆€銆€STEP4: Press the towel with both hands and press the foot at the same time to keep the hands and feet straight.

Repeat this set of movements for 40 times to tighten the calf and make the lines more slender.